Pump Supplies with Humana Insurance Coverage

I've been on a One Touch Ping for 4 years and have always bought my pump and CGM supplies at Liberty Medical, mainly because they are contracted with BC/BS and they let me make monthly payments to pay for my supplies. I've accepted a new job and just found out that they have Humana insurance. Liberty is not contracted with Humana. So, now I have to find somewhere else to get my pump, testing and CGM supplies. Does anyone have Humana insurance (not a Medicare supp policy, a commercial policy)and can give me a recommendation on where to buy supplies that will also let me make monthly payments? Thanks.

Your insurance customer service should be able to tell you that - just call them and ask who are their preferred providers to diabetic durable medical supplies.

One thing to be aware since the Affordable Care Act - some companies now include durable medical supplies in your deductible, meaning they pay nothing until your deductible is met. So during that wait period, I did not order 3 months at a time.

I contacted Humana, but they won't or can't give me any information about preferred providers without me being enrolled and calling customer service on the back of my card. I was just trying to get an advance look about who Humana insureds use for supplies. I was really surprised when I ordered from Liberty yesterday and found out they aren't contracted with Humana and I'll have to use someone else for supplies.

I used to the not paying until I reach my deductible. Where I'm coming from I an on a high deductible plan with a $3300 deductible before anything is covered. At least the new policy only has a $1K deductible. Sure hate to pay two deductibles in one year.