Has anyone tried Level Life Protein Shakes?

Hi all -

Has anyone tried Level-1 protein shakes? I've been trying to add some variety for weekday work lunches while controlling carbs and thought this would be a good idea to try.

The Level Life products (shakes, protein bars, and glucose gels) are suppose to manage weight loss while controlling your glucose levels.


I was gung-ho about trying these products out since my mom loves the glucose gels for lows. Unfortunately, the shakes do not agree with me. When I tried one for lunch today, I started wheezing, coughing, and couldn't catch my breath. I think I'm allergic to the dairy in the shakes. I do have dairy allergies, but I figured that since it said soy milk, I could drink it, boy I figured wrong. So I just lost $5 down the drain--thankfully a Target employee had an extra coupon for the product or I would have paid $8 for it.

Just my bad luck :-(