Has anyone used a Dexcom with a 670G pump?

Has anyone tried using a 670g pump and a Dexcom G5 or G6? Do you have to use the G6 now, or can you choose between the G5 and G6?

I have a Minimed 670g, and I am tired of feeling like a beta-tester with the sensors. I get 1 bad day warming up, 3-4 good days, and then 2-3 bad days until it fails or hits the 7th day (rare). I don’t use auto mode because I don’t have a “normal” for it to adjust to. Last week, I felt funny when my CGM said that my BG was about 150, so I checked and my meter said 304. That was on day 5 of the sensor. It had been calibrated only about 3 hours earlier, so I said the heck with that, and changed it. Medtronic will replace it, as it had been getting worse over the previous day. But I’m sick of it, and I’m sick of having to talk every few weeks to Tech Support (very nice people, but it’s gotten really old).

My CDE says that I can change CGM systems if I want after the transmitter warranty has expired (soon). Any feedback on using a G6 (or G5) with a 670g?

If this post looks familiar to anyone, it’s because I replied to another post, and then decided that my question was different enough from the subject of that thread that it really needed it’s own thread.

I would appreciate any feedback that anyone can give me on real-life with a Dexcom combined with a 670G.

i have the 630G which is similiar to the 670 but without a few things. i am on the dexcom G5 and im loving it. ive been a dexcom user since 2010. the dexcom is a bit more accurate in my opinion although i havent tried the one that comes with the pump as its out of pocket for me. but as far as ppl goes, a lot are on dexcom

Thanks Amy2,

That’s helpful information.

I had a Dexcom G5 before I got a pump, and I really liked it, but I changed to the Medtronic CGM when I got the 670G. It’s a great pump, but my body chemistry doesn’t work well with their sensors, and my hormones mess with my BGs so much that I’m not using Auto Mode (the only good reason to put up with the craziness).

When my CDE said that I could switch CGM without switching the pump, I thought “yeah!”.

I’m trying to gather information, and decide between the G5 and G6.

When you used the G5 did you get extended wear? I understand the G6 has a hard stop (although there are several workarounds available to most, but not me) that doesn’t make me happy (edited to add: - the hard stop doesn’t make me happy). I generally get 21+ days from my G5. I don’t want to give that up and I don’t mind (and actually feel better about) testing with a glucometer a few times a day.

The wear of my G5 could be extended by waiting for it to stop at the end of 7 days, and then telling the receiver that I had a new sensor, and going through the 2 hour warm up period. I’m usually a very by-the-book person, so I didn’t usually do that.

On the other hand, though I had already been T1 for +30 years at that point, I didn’t have any diabetic friends or coworkers, and I didn’t discover tuDiabetes until after my 670G was ordered and on the way, so I was pretty clueless.

The people on this forum have been soooooo amazingly helpful, in both knowledge and in not feeling so alone.

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And I agree. I like the idea that I don’t have to check my BG so often, but it is reassuring to see that the CGM and BG meter agree.

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I have ditched my Guardian CGM since it’s not covered by Medicare, even though my other pump supplies are. So, I’m combining the Dexcom G5 CGM with my Medtronic 670G pump (until I get a Tandem X2). I just put on my first G5, so, like the OP, wonder how anyone is faring with this combination. I’m not excited about carrying around the Dexcom receiver AND the pump, since now both my trouser pockets are filled! Is this what I have to put up with for the future? (at least I know that it isn’t permanent)

I’m a medicare advantage (Regence in WA) patient and it covers my 670G completely including Guardian sensors. You’ll have to file an appeal if you have insurance and are denied coverage. Essentially, the 670G does not work fully without a sensor. Therefore a sensor is a component of the system and not a separate item subject to separate approval.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m already making the switch to a Dexcom CGM. I’m just curious how others handle the Medtronic pump and Dexcom receiver hardware, together.