Anyone have a 670G?

Just ordered the new pump 670G. My old pump was a Medtronic’s as well. It work out well it was also my first pump. My question to you is who out there has one and how do you like it?


I still have the older MM 523 pump, and declined the option to go to the 630 back in 2016. This is because I prefer Dexcom CGMS over MM CGMS.

Are you getting the pump only ?
Did you consider getting the 670 ?

There are many discussions regarding the 670 with new Guardian3 sensor and auto mode.

I was wrong. I was looking the wrong one. The one I ordered was the 670G. Any one have that pump? How do you like it so far?[quote=“Happyhal, post:1, topic:64691, full:true”]
Just ordered the new pump 630G. My old pump was a Medtronic’s as well. It work out well it was also my first pump. My question to you is who out there has one and how do you like it?

That makes more sense.

If you edit your topic to say 670G, you will get more replies. You can also search 670 to find existing topics.

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I don’t have a 670G but I’ve read a fair amount of their posts and comments. From that reading I encourage you take as much training as is offered to you. I also think it’s a good idea to read the user guide thoroughly.

Good luck with your new pump! The 670G is the first commercial pump to provide a variable basal insulin delivery in response to blood glucose trends.

I loved my 630G. I love my 670G even more.

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Thanks!!! I am excited and a little nervous to switch.
So grateful to find this site.


I have the 630G. Need to look into the new one. But still do not have a cgm so I plan on contacting MM and speaking with someone about it.
Hopefully when I switch my insurance next year I can get a CGM as I need it desperately. I have been type 1 for 50 years.
Best of luck to you. Let me know how it goes. I have been a pumper for 20 years.
Just wish I knew which Medicare Advantage plan is best for obtaining a cgm.

Hi Sylvia,
I was told that they wouldn’t have the censor in until February. I will let you know how it goes.

Yes! Love the control-my nights have never been so even! Love the adhesive…hardly any irritation. I still am learning to trust it and keep forgetting to consume less carbs than normal when I have a wicked low. Definite learning curve on your habits.

I have a couple of threads on my experience with it that may be of interest:

There is some information in there about what you can tweak to maximize your results–stuff I learned along the way that would have been useful to have known going into it.

I probably should update them to reflect that after ~9 weeks of struggle to get Auto Mode dialed in to where I want it, I’ve gone back to manual mode. Made some progress with it, but ultimately Dawn Phenomenon just never yielded adequately to my efforts, and that was throwing everything else off. I finally decided I was putting a much greater amount of effort into the machine than seemed justified by any benefit I was getting out of it. But there are others who have been exceedingly happy with it. A lot depends on where you’re coming from. I was getting rock-solid 6.0 A1C’s before Auto Mode, but the best I seemed able to manage with it was more in 6.7 territory. The people who seem happiest (there are a couple of FB groups dedicated to the pump) are the ones who are managing to get down into the 6’s after years of >7 or 8. Also people with chronic, unexpected hypos. As far as the sensors go, I was on Dexcom for years before making the switch, and was very apprehensive about it, but in fact the Guardian3 is at least as accurate, in my experience.

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670g is very good. Great control after being very unstable with many highs and lows… it’s exciting to see my numbers even out. Went from 8A1C to 6.9 Have been on it for 4-5 months. Lows are easier to handle. (Don’t over-carb!) I used to be “in range” less than 50 percent of the time. Now it’s like 78percwnt of the time. The guardian sensor 3 can be used a few days more after it wants to be changed on the 7th day. Just recharge transmitter and reinsert onto old sensor…

Thanks for your comment. It sounds like it would help me a lot. Have you had a hard time getting the sensor lately?

Thank you so much for your info. I will reread it when I get the pump. It has so much good information!

My experience has been very good. Ive been in auto mode for about 3 months now. A1C last month was 6.6, with no lows to speak of. Maybe a couple (totally my fault though). I expect a full 3 month’s worth will get me to 6.3 or 6.4

The biggest advantages for me are, far fewer lows, the highs arent as high and dont last neartly as long as before. Its nice getting up in the morning between 100-130 EVERY DAY. Its amazing. Ive been T1D for 51 years, and never realized how I thought about my diabetes until I got this pump, and…well…dont think about it much at all. Ive learned to trust the tech, and it takes care of me.

As far as the Guardian3 sensors, they are definitely more accurate than the Dexcom 4 was (IMHO, of course). They are rarely off more than 10 points. I also get a solid 2 weeks out of them on most weeks.

All in all, IMHO, this is the best tech Ive experienced in the last 50 years, with the one exception of home glucose testers.

My personal note…Ive read many people complain the target of 120 on the 670G is too high for them. My opinion is thats fine, for them. I personally like to live my life, eat what I want, and spend as little time as necessary in micromanaging my T1D. I refuse to let my diabetes manage my life and dictate what I do. My philosophy is I manage my diabetes, not the other way around. So a target of 120 and an A1C of 6-7 is just fine. For me.

edit: Ive read many people also having trouble getting Guardian 3 sensors. Ive been lucky I guess. I get mine through Edgepark and havent missed a shipment.

That sounds amazing to me. I have had T1d for 31 years and this sounds the best so far. I like you want to live my life. I have diabetes it does not have me!

HH, I’m envious you are getting one of the new MM pumps. Hope you love it. My current pump is warranted for another 2 years yet, so of course, I’m not eligible to get any new pump until the warranty is expired, AND the pump is “broken”. MM has ways around that, but technically speaking, the rules call for the pump to be unusable. the same rule is applied by many (if not all) insurance companies. I’ve been insured by quite a few companies, and all of them had the same rule. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, and some others.

I feel your pain. I have had my current pump 6 going on 7 years. My original pump was having problems so they sent me a Refurbished one. I can finally get a new pump. Woohoo!

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I just started the 670G on Monday Nov. 13. So far I am loving it. Don’t have the CGM with it, all on back order, but am waiting patently.

Congratulations on your new pump!!! Did you find it harder to figure out then your old pump?