Has diabetes had an impact on your sexual intimacy?

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a year ago. For probably 3 years though I have suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED). I had no idea what was going on. Just recently I have learned about the connection between diabetes and sexual intimacy. Has this been something others have experienced too? This became a significant problem in my marriage with ripples of problems/issues. Are there others that have worked on this issue? I am new to discussion forums. Forgive me if I am raising an issue that should not be discussed, but I am trying to work out a difficult issue that is “rocking” my marriage.

I work in pharmacy and see this problem all the time…it’s very common. Have you discussed meds (viagra, levitra, cialis) with your doctor? I think that would be a good first step…

It’s not something that should not be discussed, but I would strongly recommend (so you can talk about it with more opennness) that you join the Diabetes and Sexuality (Men) group, which is meant precisely for these kinds of topics. :slight_smile: