Diabetics and importancy

Just was thinking of relation ship of diabetics with sex. Because last year I use to good sexual arousings but now since 1 year after being detected I’m type 1 my sexual cravings have reduced a lot and even my hardness. So please help me is it0 psychological or after effects of disease

Rajesh, we have a Group here for men only to discuss sexuality privately.


you will need to go to the group and request permission to join (you must be18 or older, men only). It may take a day or so to get approval. The discussions and comments made in the group do not appear on any “latest activity” or RSS feeds, so you can be assured only other members of the group can read what is said.

We have a similar Group for women here
again, private, 18 or older, women only

Thanks for info marie

Marie is there some kind of rule about discussing issues related to sexuality and diabetes in the general boards? While I can understand the value of a “private” place (as private as anything gets on the internet) to discuss gender specific issues, I could also see that if someone is comfortable bringing them up in a more general forum the discussion might benefit others who are not in those specific groups - such as partners or just those of us who like knowing as much as possible about all aspects of diabetes and related issues.

I guess the "we don’t talk about those things here response feels a bit off to me. As if there is something shameful about issues of sexuality (and diabetes).