Have a Techicnal question on the Dexcom G5 Receiver vs my Apple 7+

I have noted that when I go out of range (way out) for extended period.(swimming ) that when both come back in range (usually the phone 1st)
that all the data points for time out of range are visible on the phone.
but are for ever loss on the G5 Meter. Why.

The data is stored in the transmitter. The iPhone app uploads the data, the older Dexcom receiver does not. The Dexcom receiver (the one that looks like an iPod) has reached its end-of-life and will not be updated. I bet that that the new Dexcom receiver (the one that looks like an iPhone) will also upload the data.

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Yes - It does.

The G5 transmitter holds 3 hours of data (max).

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