Have any pumpers noticed a difference between Humalog and Novalog?

I got my prescription refills from my endo this morning. I mistakenly asked for Humalog instead of Novalog. Total brainfart. I actually have plenty of Novalog pens to last me until my next refill, but now I have 90 days worth of Humalog in vials that I picked up specfically because I switched to the pump.

Not sure what to do with it other than to try it out..

Your Endo doesn;t no your insulin thats crazy change your Endo.

If unopend take or send them back for a exchange . call and find out.

My endo is great. It was my fault. I plan to call the pharmacy when they open tomorrow.

I’m just more curious about taking this opportunity to give the Humalog a try after 10 years of Novalog.

I know alot of people say there is no difference between the two but for me the novalog seemed to work different for me as I got more lows from it. so personally I use the humalog. but remember everyone is different and even though that is the reaction for me does not mean it will be the same for you.

That’s an interesting point. Pumping, itself, has helped with my lows. It would be nice to have an even more steady delivery.

Did you switch while you were on the pump? If so, was it a PITA to redo your basals?


I switched during pumping and yes it was a pain to redo my basal. I had to lower it and not to mention my correction factor and carb count. for me I just use humalog now and have no issues besides the normal everyday stuff. Pumping has helped me greatly with my lows as I went from being hospitalized for many of them to maybe 1 or 2 lows a week nothing under 50 mg/dl. before my lowest was 12 and had a lot that were under 20 mg/dl

I’ve been on Humalog since it came out. Are the analogs different?

I’m using Humalog. I was still having some lows. Last week I saw my endo and he suggested some minor tweaking of my basals. Now I’m not having the lows I was having and not nearly as low as they were. Also, I’m waking up in range. Such a minor adjustment, too. I went from .7u/hr to .65u/hr and my overnight (2:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m.) went from .9/hr to 1.0u/hr. I would have never made such a minor adjustment, it seems somewhat counter-intuitive.

Twelve!? Wow. You are one very strong person with a hearty constitution. I recently spent some time under 20 and I don’t remember a thing about it. It wasn’t some of my best work.

I’ve done a bit of reading up on Humalog versus Novalog Pete. Some findings say no real clinically significant differences between the two, some say slight differences. I haven’t read anything specific to pumps but the word seems to be you’ll have some differences between the two.

That’s what I’m thinking Alan.

I called the pharmacy today. I refilled my 90 day Novalog pen prescription last month. Even if I had tried to fill a Novalog vial prescription, I wouldn’t have been able to because it’s too soon. My insurance company, however, has Humalog listed as a completely different medication than Novalog so they went ahead and filled the Humalog vial prescription. Apparently, I won’t be dinged when I try to refill my Novalog in 2 months. So, basically, I have 90 days worth of free Humalog to try out.

I’ll probably wait til my next vacation to give it a try, test basals, etc.

Answered my own question. Found a report comparing them. The report says there’s no discernible difference in action. But anecdotal evidence in practice seems that there is a difference. I suppose that would follow. The larger the data set, the more chance for variation.
6000-Aspartvs.LisproPT.pdf (410 KB)

I just run way higher sugars with Humalog. Nothing against it it just dosen’t work for me personally.

I have used both in my pump and didn’t really notice any difference that I could tell.

When I was under looser control, my endo switched me over as she said it was a better insulin. So, I went Novalog. Didnt notice a change at all. That was 6-7 years ago.

lol yeah I was 12 mg/dl and what A major hypo hangover that was! Paramedics and hospital visit and stay yeah needless to say it sucked from what I remember which is pretty much just the aftermath lol! as for the adjustments I recently had to do similar changes for my basal I was running low 60’s between 8am and 10 am and then high in the 200’s from 10 till 4pm so made that slight change and I am doing so much better. it is amazing how such a small drop of insulin can make such a big change!

I think it is just like the debate of levimer and lantus it depends on doc prefrence and patient’s ability to tolarate