Have questions or concerns about your feet? Join us!

This group can be used to discuss all things feet! Hazards and issues related to feet for those with diabetes. Remedies and preventative techniques as well!

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recently we had a podiatrist join us, and he posted this excellent discussion


I just gotta ask this. Who here worrys more about their feet than anything else? I tend to really try and take care of my feet b/c of all the stuff that COULD go wrong.

I’m terrified that something may go wrong with my feet, especially since I had a few nueropathy issues (at the age of 21!!!) - so now try and look after them as best as I can :slight_smile:

Doris, I do worry more about my feet than anything else. I went thru a 2 year battle to save my leg that started because of dry, cracked skin. I did everything that I was supposed to do and things still got pretty bad. I did take care of my feet and things can still go wrong. I would never want to go thru that again, nor would I want to see anyone else go thru what I did.

I was really glad to see this group was formed. Anytime I see anyone on a message board ask about a foot problem, I try to encourage them to make sure they see a doctor no matter how minor the problem is. It really annoys me when I see other people telling them not to worry about it.

Make sure you have a good doctor. My original doctor that I saw for years was very aggressive. Then I had to move and that is when things fell apart. I ended up traveling several hours to get to good doctors. Two of the doctors that saved my leg both used the term “aggressive” several times in their discussions with me. Once I knew for sure I would still have my leg, I wrote my original doctor a letter & thanked him for being aggressive & told him I had a new appreciation for that term.

If you want to see pictures of what dry, cracked skin can turn into, here is a link to pictures of my foot. These were actually taken before the worst of it. Don’t look if you have a weak stomach or just ate!


yikes Kelly, that’s amazing they were able to save your foot. What do you put on your feet now? I must say I’ve been treating mine a whole lot better since joining TuDiabetes. Now I am even wearing slippers or shoes inside the house everywhere. I do a lot of sewing, and I’m afraid I might step on a pin or something.

I’ll check that out later today Kelly. Got to get this hoyuse back up in some type of repair. Thanks for sharing that with us.

WOW Kelly! Your so lucky that you got your foot now. I guess those dry feet I have I might better watch out for. Like Marie here what do you use on them. Thank you for lrtting me know about that. I will probably watch them even closer now. And here I thought that keeping them overly moist would cause problems.

Thanks Doris & Marie - I am very lucky to have my leg today.

I use something called Elta Swiss Moisturizing Crème - that was recommended by the wound center that I went to. I order it thru my pharmacy - they don’t stock it but will order it for me. It is $25 for a one pound container, but it lasts about 5-6 months. You can buy it online, but cheaper if you can get it at your pharmacy so you don’t pay shipping. Here is the link for their website:


wendy he’s here look over at the member’s and you’ll see his pic

your welcome!

This new group is a great idea. I have been really careful of my feet since being Dx’ed 11 years ago. I go to a podiatrist every 10 weeks to get my nails trimmed and my feet looked at. I also put cream on my feet at least 1x a day, 2x in the winter. I have a couple of D friends who have lost toes, neuropathy is detected in the toes first. So far I don’t have any.

Hi Catlover…How did your D friends lose their toes? Was it infection not felt because of neuropathy? I have neuropathy in both feet, but no pain at all, it’s just that they feel like cement blocks. Bummer, cuz I’m a runner and cement feet do not have the ideal aerodynamics for speed. Anyone else have neuropathy here?

I have neuropathy also. It has really affected my balance.

I too have lost a lot of balance. What kind of neuropathy is that and do you know if it can ever be “bettered”? I am so embarrassed in my work out classes, cuz I lose balance so easily while we’re doing lunges. So I’m trying to improve balance by doing balance exercises, but don’t know if it is all in vain! (I know the exercises in themselves are not in vain of course, I’m just wondering if my balance will ever get any better).

My friends who lost toes didn’t watch what they ate. They had elevated A1c’s and neuropathy in their feet. They both went on to need by-pass surgery. One passed away 3 months ago, and the other is now on dialysis. I am sure that will not happen to you. Your awareness of D care is much better than their’s was.

Where can I go for resources to read about the pain, tingling and cold feeling in my toes. I also have balance issues and did not make any connection to diabetes until I read this forum. How do you know if you have neuropathy? I can feel the tests my doctors do when they check my feet for sensation. This tingling just started about a month ago. My balance issue is sporadic. Sometimes I sort of run into things or just almost topple over??? I would like to find out more about this. I have been diabetic for 37 years and these changes are recent.

FarmGirl, the tests to confirm neuropathy are to have an EMG and a nerve conduction study done. I have been told that my balance issues are because of the neuropathy but I don’t know if there are tests to confirm that or not. A couple years ago, my podiatrist suggested it could be because of inner ear problems but I was not able to get my PCP at the time to do anything to check that. Unfortunately when you have neuropathy, doctors tend to “assume” that is the cause of everything!

I am getting so frustrated with the loss of balance. It’s embarrassing and frustrating. And I am so sad about it too. I haven’t heard or read anything that says it will ever get any better no matter what you do. It isn’t really noticable to anyone else unless I am in dance class or at the gym. But I can’t do the dance steps (my boyfriend and I are taking swing and salsa lessons) because I can’t complete the turns without going in all directions trying not to fall over. At the gym I can’t do leg lunges at all and fall way behind in the classes. I know there are a lot of other folks with much worse problems, but I feel kinda sad and discouraged about it right now since we just came from dance class. I refuse to give up.

I have had problems lately with balance, running into door frames and such. I sometimes have trouble standing straight with a 45 degree list to the right. Makes walking kind of hard.