Have you Ever Participated in Health Related Research?

There are so many opportunities out there to contribute to research. Would love to hear any experiences!?

Today in our Live Interview we are featuring Scott Johnson who will be interviewing Sarah from TrialReach. An online effort to make finding and participating in research opportunities easier.
Interview @ 4:30 ET

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I was in several trials at Joslin in Boston, and for me it was a good experience. I had $10,000-deductible health insurance that didn’t cover lab tests, so I didn’t get many. My doctor refused to order a C-peptide. In the trials I got C-peptide and insulin levels and other things I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

One also meets top researchers who are sincerely interested in your results. I was in a study of high-dose aspirin (actually a similar compound called salsalate) and another one comparing two statins, and I “tried out” for a couple more but flunked because my A1c wasn’t high enough.

I also used their library and got free parking, so I took the subway to Cambridge and enjoyed that.

Thanks for sharing your experience gretchen! You add some great insight and positivity on the subject of research! :slight_smile:

I’m a Joslin Medalist, enrolled in their study to discover why many of us who have been living with type 1 for 50 years or more have very few complications. I’ve flown to Boston twice over the past 9 years for a full day of various lab work and eye exams. Aside from the airport travel hassles, it’s been a good experience. Locally, I participated in the final clinical trial of Lantus insulin . That required a 26 hour hospital stay with hourly blood tests and several office visits before and after. I was tired from interrupted sleep at the hospital, but recovered quickly. Although I continue to be interested in contributing to research, travel expense prevents me from being in other studies.


Hello @Janis1! It is so wonderful to see you here and hear your voice. You are just such an amazing lady! Thank you so much for sharing your story! hugs!

After a series of delays (Alaska issues) both of my kids are active trialnet participants. Recently got their first results back showing no signs of any autoimmune markers assosiated with diabetes. Continued trialnet screenings to follow.

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Thanks @Sam19 for sharing this info!

I’m a big fan of TrialNet! Thank you for doing your part, Sam, and I’m happy to hear your two lovely children are currently antibody-free (knock wood!!!)

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