Have you had "diabetes burnout"? Introduce yourself!

Crystal nothing frustrates me more than when my own family refers me to others as “a bad diabetic”. I mean what am I so bad about? I get frustrated that my husband also tells me “oh you could teach a class on diabetes”. No I cant. I have had it since I was 3 years old and on top of that I have hypthyroidism. So needless to say I have to memory. If it is not on a post-it-note, Im not going to remember it. I got the best advice from a doctor when I was 15 and in Riley hosptial. I asked him when I then began the thyroid meds “what else can I look forward too medical wise?” He then proceeded to tell me “you learn as you go, and go as you learn. I cannot forwarn you about everything because then everything will scare you. Try as we may we cannot prevent everything. You are going to learn more about it as you have it (complications) and will deal with it properly then”. I felt this was the best advice I ever got. We cannot prevent everything that is going to happen to our bodies. We can help delay or help the processes for which we are heredity doomed for. I am sorry if no one agrees with me but ask me what some things are and Im going to tell you "I dont have that yet, but when I do, I will be more than happy to expain it to you, for now I am doing what I can and for what the good Lord gives me…strength…love…family…friends… Good luck Crystal and God Bless

I havent loged into the site for a while mostly because of not wanting to deal with my T1 nice to know I am not the only one who is tired and frustated I was diagnosed in my 20’s now in my 40’s and I have never been very good at it.

I’m 30 years into this thing, and very tired of it! I started a support group for diabetics, stroke victims and breast cancer survivors (of which my wife is one)( a breast cancer suvivor that is) (I was a stroke survivor from 2005, brain hemmhorae=ge, all the same stuff brett Michaels suffered). You can join our group at supportersofsurvivors.com, and also take a few minutes to read my short book on the subject. Leave a post on the blog! would love to see you there!

It appears that I am not the only person who gets tired of all the things that we have to do to stay healthy. Thank you . I so appreciate this site for being able to share, unload and uplift myself and others.

Just saw the comment by Cheery Love. I would LOVE to go to Scotland, Ireland, and England. I love Genealogy, and a lot of my ancestors are from there. Unfortunately, I had a bout with Chronic Necrotizing Pneumonia, and lost about 1/3 of my lungs. So, now I go around with an Oxygen canulla, either connected to a big tank at my home, or a little traveling one that I fill up from the big tank. It’s good for about 6 to 8 hours. When I DO get out, I enjoy it. So, that’s MY whine for the day. Yes, I’m a Type II Diabetic, too.
If you had a big magnafying glass, you could look at my uniform, and above my ‘wings,’ you might be able to discern a small cross. Yes, I was a chaplain for 20 years. So I’m more used to people laying their troubles on MY shoulders, rather than the other way around.
So, it’s great to find a site where people just might encourage me, and pat me on the back once in a while. Chaplains need that, too. Just like pastors and clerics and priests.
Thank you for having a site like this.
Take Care,

Chaplain ET

Chaplain ET- Pls visit my site (address below) and let me know if you think it has anyting fo offer others like us (diabetes plus victims), I would truly like to hear another opinion!

I, just like everyone else here, am feeling a bit burned out…but I truly believe I have found a way to deal with this crap on a day to day basis, and I am happy to say I am feeling much better these days (this in the middle of more eye surgeries, I have had over 30 already and now am having cataract surgeries). I am a 30 year vet to this stuff, I have suffered retinopathy for 20 years, many MANY surgeries, a brain hemmhorage, stroke/paralysis, neuropathy, etc. etc etc but, like I said, I found a way to deal with it and actally benefit from it! check it out at http://www.supportersofsurvivors.com and tell me what you think! There is nothing there for sale…I promise! I will be offering assistance to those in financial crisis due to hospital bills, that is coming soon…there will be no charge, however, The entire thing is NO CHARGE! Visit today, and lieave a post!

After having Type I 25 years I am burnt out!-----Tired of the constant struggle with food, exercise and insulin—just plain tired of it all.
I have slump back into depression since I got out of the hospital.
I had 4 blood sugar lows in one day—the 4th blood sugar low was 40–
I do not like my endocrinologist, but I am stuck with him because of my insurance.
Does anyone ever feel trapped in this body?

I defeated burnout by surviving a coma. A LOUSY way to do it, no? I was really proactive for the first couple of months afterward, but I'm slipping again. However, I'm doing my best not to slip QUITE so far. Diabetes is a NUISANCE disease -- you can't just ignore it, or it will bite you. So glad to have found this site, and be able to just talk it out.

Natalie -

I have also survived some pretty serious &^%$. I had a brain hemmhorage back in 2005, leading to a stroke/paralysis. Completely recovered now, and doing fine! I agree though, the 'big D' is a damn nuisance, and requires constant attention. I worte a book/long essay about the experience, several folks have told me it inspires them and keeps them going...I would suggest you just take a look at my website....http://www.supportersofsurvivors.com and leave a comment for my followers/friends. Nothing for sale there, I promise!

I gotta tell you, besides burnout, depression and being just plain sick and tired of the whole thing, I’m tired. Very, very tired of feeling totally out of control. I’m not out of control of my ‘d’, it’s my life that it is out of control. I am sitting on the edge, hoping not to slip off the side. So I have to pay attention to my numbers because it takes the mind of the other ■■■■ in my life. (sorry for the wording, but it beats all the others I could have used). My A1C is 4.9, lowest ever, my weight is down below 200, first time in 23 years, but the rest of my life stinks. So I have to concentrate on those numbers just to keep sane. I totally understand what you are all talking about, really I do. Enough said

One of the best things I ever did for myself was join a women's therapy group. There are six of us, and we talk about what's bothering us, and some of the women in the group have huge problems, just like you do, Cathy. I'm the only one with diabetes, but yesterday, one of the women (who is obese) said she'd gotten her labs back from her psychiatrist (which she gets for free because she's unemployed) with high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and a BG of 104, which is defined as prediabetes. She doesn't have a doctor because she can't afford one, so I spent some time talking with her about her risk for diabetes, and some of the things she can do. Another obese woman in the group was listening intently, so I think I got 2 birds with one stone, so to speak.

They, on the other hand, have been very supportive of me when I was depressed (suicidally, at times), and let me talk about whatever I want to, deeply and honestly, and with much resultant caring.

I wonder if you could find such a group -- all the women say it helps them a lot, even though we can't solve other people's problems, at least we can give a listening ear, and emotional support.

being chronically severely depressed means I have meds, i have a shrink, I have a therp and a wonderful group of women who relate very well. But at the end of the day, we are what we are, ourselves. And that’s okay. It just means, that we look for reasons within ourselves to be happy, to be satisfied, to be content…and despite my two posts, i am satisfied…content…just not too happy, hohoho right now. Thanks for the suggestions.

My glucose levels have always all over the place. I never take insulin until I know my glucose level is high. Recently, my doctor told me, as a start, to take insulin just before, or within an hour after, eating. I totally panicked each time I did it and almost always had a reaction a few hours later.
When I talked to my doctor about it, I shocked myself by bursting into tears! I had such bad reactions after I was first diagnosed in the early 60’s (including waking up in a headlock, having a sugar cube ground on my teeth) that I’m terrified of serious reactions. I only realized it in his office. My doctor suggested therapy for PTDS. PTSD sounds extreme considering the horrors soldiers and others have gone through. However, my inability to care properly for my T1 because of an uncontrollable fear response means I should take his advice. Over a month has passed and I haven’t called.
I am burned out. Or embarrassed?

I have had my lows a lot over the years . Some scare the ■■■■ out of me to think of them . As I look back they were all my fault I have learnd to count carbs and to bolus for them
I dont get it right all the time and still have lowes . But pleas dont give up .You need inslun to live.You have to control it dont let it control you. The more you learn the better is it .Keep up the fight for all of us with D You can do it I bleve in you.

You provided valuable education to your doctor. They underestimate the severe harm that hypoglycemia causes. Other patients will benefit because of what you’ve taught the doctor. The doctor’s suggestions to you all sound like good ones, though.
Good luck

Type II here and burnout is set for good. No one cares and I’m ready to just die. Sitting here now with 486 bg and 13% a1c…why go to the hospital? I’m always the one waiting in the ER for hours while everyone else goes first. Why go to a support group? All I hear are people managing thier crap just to hear my sorry ■■■ and look at me with furrowed brows because I might get them off track…my endo and regular doctor? Oh please…same song and dance routine. And my stay at home husband who is healthy and refuses to work? As long as he keeps me the robot oiled and running to work, he doesnt care…my kids are sick of me too…so goodbye world…hope a coma doesnt hurt before you get to Heaven.

is that your plan? heaven???

Hope you do go to ER. Then look for referral to new endo. Please come back here - we’re behind you. Hang in there.

HI PBLady - ugh…so sorry to hear your pain. When it rains it pours sometimes and I really hope you know that your are not alone. Diabetes is hard enough…add the stress of family life, challenges with doctors/ER etc and you just want to give up! I hear you. What helps me is that fact that everything is temporary…Everything…the pain and the joys of life. If you are in a painful situation…know that joy is right around the corner…it might be closer than you think. take care - sending you positive energy your way XOXOX