Have you had "diabetes burnout"? Introduce yourself!

A group for diabetics who have had this disease for numerous years, who have had enough and are in need of support. This group is for anyone who is becoming burnt out from having to deal with the day to day struggles of living with diabetes.

Great idea for a discussion forum Katherine. I qualify as diabetes burnout many times a year. I especially feel burnt out on days like yesterday. It was the start of the week and lots to get done at work but my dang sugars were so high I could not focus to well. I had had a deep low of 30 the morning before and must have been rebounding. I hate feeling like sh*# due to those blood sugar fluctuations. Well this is an awesome idea as burnout is a constant battle with diabetes.

hi!!! i have had diabetes for 11 loooooong years. and im 15. im usually pretty good at staying on top of it, but recently ive just been sooo frusturated with trying to desperately keep my sugars under control. Its hard and i am definately suffering from diabetes burnout :slight_smile:

Hi there everyone!
I have been diabetic for 40 years now!!! Talk about burnout! Life is good for the most part but recently I lost my job and insurance…I have landed a part time job and doing odd jobs for friends and neighboors, but that just pays for food and the basics… I have been trying to find an alturnitive but no such luck. I am broke and nearly homless if it werent froe my room mate keeping me out of the cold. I honestly can not afford the 2 types of inslin, the supplys and along with my doctors visits and lab test. I have lost part of my eye sight and have been starting to hit the list of “Diabetic problems” I had led the healthy life with daily work outs, biking and walking to work great all natural diet low suger and yoga. nearly my whole life I have taken great care of my self but still genetics and the Diabetics is taken its toll on my body. Depression is not an option for me, I am just pasted that and need some way out… Even when I had a good income, I stull spent 25+% of my income supporting my diabetics…
Thanks for reading hope this note finds you all in a better mood! It does sometimes help writing it down to review your situation.

hi Jo,

Congrats on making it four decades. i can really understand about having things pile on with losing the job and the insurance. It is good that you have at least some income from the part time and odd jobs. have you checked the manufacturers of the insulin you are supposed to take for any programs that they may have?. It may take some documentation of your income and resources, but if they give you a couple of months supply for free, then that gets you over that one hurdle.

With the eyesight loss, do you now qualify for medicaid? Take a day to go talk to the local city, county, or state officials that administer social services in your area. you know it is their job to help out people, and they may be familiar with services that you are unaware of. When you were working full time you were paying your taxes. you did it not only because you had to but because you knew that part of your taxes were paying to help those in a position that they could not help themselves. It isn’t a case of accepting permanent largess, but more of a helping hand while you transition to the next job with good pay and insurance. Then you will back to paying back the system. That is why it is there.

I am reminded of a quote from mother teresa, " god will not try you beyond your ablility. I just wish he didnt think so highly of me."

I have burn out days I have been a type 1 for 28 years it has changed in the last
2 or 3 years I am alucky one I have my eyes and my feet . but there are days .
that I feel like ■■■■ the highs the lows the high again .
this is for all you burn outs dont give up tomorrow is a new day.
live live live live live !!!

hi ive had diabetes for 7 years since i was 10. when i was first diagnosed everything was under control for a while. then everything went out of control. im trying to gain control over my diabetes again (my a1c was the thing that gave me the push, it was 8.2) hopefully next time i test my a1c it would become lower.
having to keep up with diabetes is just so hard and tiring…

I try to remind myself thatt burning out can mean dying out slowly and ugly…hmmmmmmmmmmm, that being said sometimes I don’t Feel like being a diabetic [eating right, testing, taking shots, etc…then I read about other people or see their plight and I say “Wake Up”, “Get Over It”!!!

I’ve only had it for 4 years. After the first 2 I had it. I started drinking heavily (which doesn’t help when you have a high tolerance) and smoking and didn’t watch any part of my diet. I was tired of it and didn’t really see why I should have to take care of myself to live a life with some stupid illness. Some personal problems came up and it really knocked me down. I looked so unhealthy it was unreal. My skin even had a yellow tint. This past year I made bit of a turn around. My only problem now is not checking my levels enough. I still go days sometimes weeks without checking. But at least now I watch what I eat and exercise and lightened up on the drinking.

I have been burnt out on the well rounded meal planning idea. I eat healthy food but necessarily all food groups with each meal. As a vegan, protein has been tough for me. I need to learn how to prepare tofu, tempeh and seitan better I suppose but I just want to focus on cooking my veggies before they go bad. I am also tired of the abrasive criticism I get from nutritionists for eating a sweet food once in a while. I have not been to a nutritionist for years because I know I will have to defend why I choose to eat some sweets here and there.

Hi all! I am curious if most of you in this group are type 1? I am type 2 on insulin, but have started seeing an endo who is working to wean me off the insulin on to oral meds. What a roller coaster it is!

I’ve just joined the group 'cos I’m really battling to keep my head above water. It’s days like today I could just throw in the towel.

What is A1c? I am in South Africa and my tester machine has readings that run from 0 to 35mmol. Is it the same thing…?

Not an expert answer…but the testing machine that you have looks at the amount of glucose in your bloodstream at the time you are testing whereas the A1c measures how much glucose has stuck to your red blood cells and is more like an average of the numbers that you would get from your testing machine. Normally one gets their A1c tested about every 3 or 6 months or at least 12 months where testing with your machine (testing blood sugars) is done on a daily basis

I have had type 1 diabetes for 32 years. I developed it when I was 3 years old. My last A1c was 9.4. It really gets to you the complications day in and day out. The frustrations that those only with diabetes can be exposed to. The days that you feel like your living in the fog trying to look out at your love ones. I feel as if the last 6 years with my daughter Ive been more in a stupor than there doing hands on events with her. She lives a dialy life “oh mommys blood sugar is high again, you’ll be ok mommy”. Then the satanistic side of me kicks in and Im like what if Im not ok or there. I just have to remember to believe in God and that he has faith to believe in me.

I have been thinking lately and it is freaking me out and taking a real toll on me- i have had diabetes for 19 years with no complications but when is this going to change? When are my eyes going to go bad, my kidneys, etc? I guess it really is scaring me now.

I am tired. I have been out a lot from work, having problems with gasteop and depression and things all these other specialists treat me for. My employer has always been very good me. When I work, I am scheduled for 30 hours. They have helped me continually accrue time for intermittent FMLA to help me from losing my health (and going on COBRA).

My A1Cs were above 8 for 3 quarterly endochrine appts in a row. I tried a little harder and brought it down to 7.1. etc etc… I have been away from TuDiabetes for Tu long. It always help me here.

hey steve = good to see you again. you were the first to welcome me, so i’ve always noticed when you are on. im not here much either but i know when i am, it really does help. great job on the a1c, i wish i could get below the 8’s. i think the long timers will & are dealing with more of the complications because there has been SOME advancement in medical treatment. at least now we all have one another to talk to. you know better than i do = we just have to keep on keeping on. most of us dont want the alternative. sometimes i get pissed when someone says diabetics can live a normal life. yea right. how normal is it to continually be sticking ourselves or in my case, walking on 2 prosthetic legs. but i only get pissed SOMETIMES. then i think what i would have missed out on if i had checked out when i could have. the joy of my only grandson, the trips to scotland, grand canyon & tombstone. i know, sometimes its a broken record but fact is - we do it or we dont. we always have the next race, the next butterfly, the next sunset & oh boy - the next snow fall!! so - glad you are back & in many ways, doing so well.

I’ve only been a practicing diabetic for 8 years. For the first two years after being diagnosed, I just ignored it…and did NOTHING…but now it’s like it is my only cause and it is wearing me out. But what wears me out the most is the food end of it. I do well with breakfast, then a little less vigilant at lunch, and by 3:00; I’m burnt out. I feel better when I am being on top of things, taking my sugars, exercising, eating correctly, but gosh, what a lot of work just to live. Sometimes I think life is tough enough without all this extra stuff.

The hospital here has closed their doors to many of the unnecessary procedures like testing for A1C’s etc, until we reach a place where the flu isn’t a big problem.
So I am sitting on orders for an A1C and can’t get it. My last one was 6 9…not as good as I want it. But then I’ve had two cortisone shots for my arthritis, so that will reflect on the numbers, too. ICK — too much whining.

Today, my plan is to get meals figured out before shopping, bulk up my frig and cupboards with vegies rather than fruits. We have NO junk food in the house, it’s just keeping those food that I can eat fresh and here. I will exercise on the way to the grocery store, and prick my fingers enough to get an idea of where I am at…I have a doc’s appt this week, so we’ll see what can be done. Stay healthy as possible.

Thanks for starting this site, it’s good to come and share and find some relief from the daily grind.

Cathy J

New to the group (and site), I’m relieved to see I’m not the only one feeling ‘burnout’. It would be nice if none of us ever felt this way but I must say for the first time in a while I don’t feel so alone in it all. Sometimes I think my family thinks I’m a “bad diabetic” because I am just tired of all of it right now. It seems like nothing I do, no matter how well I do things I am just sick all the time. My A1C is 11 right now, my sugars can go from 400 to 40 throughout the day and I’m not missing my shots or my meds, not skipping meals or eating terribly. I’m just frustrated right now and it seems like my frustration makes my personal diabetes police posse pissed :o)

Feels good to get it off my chest. I’m having some vision issues right now and I gotta say that scares me. I recently added Novalog to my regimine. (lantus & glucophage) I was hospitalized for high sugars, over 400 for a week and ever since my vision has been blurry. Waiting for opthomology to call and schedule me in.

I try to stay positive and I feel guilty for complaining but right now I can’t help it. In twelve years I’ve not been able to gain control my diabetes. How do I stop feeling this guilt for simply being tired of it all?