Have you had problems getting insurance since you were diagnosed?

Since seeing SICKO I’m wondering what your experience is, with getting insurance, were you declined? How many times did you have to apply? In the movie they talk about how insurances decline applications, if you have any kind of condition and one they mention is diabetes! This thought worries me for my daughter!

I have found that as a diabetic I am uninsurable. Which basically means no one will cover me unless I go in under a company group plan. I have had to choose my jobs carefully to be sure I have proper insurance coverage. For children, most states have a program that is based on income that can cover children regardless of health conditions.

Sure had. Here’s a video I posted a while back on what occurred to me:

There’s no point in applying at all for an individual health insurance plan. Diabetes is an uninsurable condition, just the same as cancer. Only way to get health insurance if you have diabetes is to go on a group plan (through your employer or spouse’s employer), Medicaid or your state’s high risk pool coverage for the “uninsurable.”

Just read Kerri’s incredible post about the movie. You should read it too.

This very question scares me to the core. Health insurance and life insurance are two things that red flag all over the place for a diabetic.

I have been working since two days after I graduated college. I sadly don’t see much of a retirement in my future. But the best I can do is to make sure I’m doing something I love, which will make the insurance parts of working less of a burden and more of a perk. :wink:

I have always gotten insurance through my employer, so have tolerated less than ideal jobs because I need the coverage.
I have had db for 34 years and have to take a few oral meds besides insulin. If I didn’t have coverage, my out of pocket expenses would be close to $500 per month (and I’m not even a pumper).

Medical costs are outrageous. Two years ago I broke my ankle on the ice and had to stay in the hospital two nights because there were 8 other broken ankles ahead of me for surgery (yeah, that’s a Minnesota winter for you). the total cost of two nights plus surgery was in excess of $20,000.

I requested an itemized bill from the hospital and nearly choked when I saw they charged $25 for one ace bandage, and opened a newbottle of insulin for each injection.

That’s just immoral!!

I haven’t had insurance in about 11 or so years. I’ve been paying out of my own pocket sinced dx’d in Aug. 2005. Expensive? YOU BET!!! sheeeeesh! Hubby’s employer is SUPPOSED to be getting insurance for his employees. (We’ll see!) IF it actually does get done, my concern is the “pre-existing” condition thing!! As well as is my Endo on thier plan?? I LOVE my Endo and I am NOT changing!! So even if/when they’ll cover me, and he isn’t on thier “plan” I’ll STILL be paying out of pocket for my Diabetes care! One thing I do have going for me, at this time at least, is that I’m well controlled! Maybe they’ll have “pity” upon me?? LOL Yea, I know … don’t hold my breath! ;0)

I have a couple of other issues (umbilical hernia and gall bladder) that need to be dealt with as well. IF we get the insurance, I’ve decided I’m going to go into a doc, tell him about the “bump” in my belly and the pains I’ve been having on my right side and NEVER mention that I was already dx’d with these things prevously! ;0) I’ll be danged if I’m going to PAY for insurance that I’m not going to get anything out of!

My father told me when I was teenager that I should try to work for big companies to help pay for the disease. He sure was right. I have been luck to have had jobs where they provided insurance.

I keep a spead-sheet of all my out-of-pocket medical expenses. In the spreadsheet I also keep track (where I can) of the the amount billed by each provider. A self-pay patient I could not be! A big share of the costs related to the kidney transplant I received in Nov 2005 were picked up by the federal government. I reminded my employer of that fact.

I thought this story in the New York Times was interesting.

Pinning Down the Money Value of a Person’s Life

Man, all of you guys have really been through it with insurance. I currently have life and health insurance through my employer, but all of your experiences and comments have me so worried now if I ever lost my job. I have always been told “if you get your A1C down to a 6.0, we can insure you.” Now, I’m worried that I was lied to.

I can not get insurance unless it is through my employer’s group plan. I can not even get life insurance. Nobody wants to touch you. I have enough life insurance through my employer to pay for my funeral and the house. That is about it. Nothing for my kids. It kind of pisses me off that it is like this.