I had to drop our life insurance a few years ago (before Cam was diagnosed). I'm sure you know where this is headed... Anyway, my soon to be ex-husband was unemployed, and I had to cut costs. Life insurance was something I always figured I could add any time. Well since that time, Cam has been diagnosed with diabetes. I can not find a company that will insure a child with a chronic illness. Any suggestions?

I looked into it too, when my 3yr old was dx. I was told numerous times that anyone dx under the age of 10 was an automatic denial. After 10, they would assess but the preimiums would be very high (I never did get a quote since she fell in the under 10 category). There are some no medical policies out there, but I think most are thru an employer or credit card companies (etc). I have a T1 friend who said she has four or 5 no medical policies she got thru various credit card companies. They don't amount to much, usually only $5000 each, but if you get a few it would add up. I have shoulda woulda coulda myself to death over this issue. Best of luck in your search.

Hi Shant,

I was in the same boat 15 years ago when I got T1 diabetes. Shortly thereafter I got a research job at a state university, and part of that is a group medical insurance program. Back then, under a group policy, they couldn't deny coverage to an individual based on a pre-existing condition. This was the case for every employee from the the lowest paid guy/gal all the way up to the president (and even the hockey coach!).

That was 15 years ago, so I don't know how the laws have changed in the meantime. I haven't had my coverage dropped yet (knock on wood). You should be able to get some level of coverage under a group plan.

Good luck and cheers, Mike