Have you shared?

We all garnish and learn so much from sites like this one, and this site in particular. I live in a rural area, where obviously we aren't going to get the top 1/3 of the graduating class in docs, pa's , cde's or the occasional endo who likes to hunt and fish. So I depend greatly on TuD and other sites...I got to thinking, if I benefit, whose to say my docs wouldn't also. I made up some cards and put the addy's for the sites where I get good solid information from, and suggested that in their down time, to increase their awareness of diabetes and what other patients and docs are doing, they might want to check this out. Gave all the people that deal with my case a card, and am very happy to say, most of them have told me about information they've gotten, and most have checked out TuD first. Give it a try, anything that makes our job as patients and advocates for ourselves easier and better can't be all bad! Have a super, super day!

Right on! I also live in a semi rural area so I can relate to this very well.

I have told my doctor what some of the forum members have shared with me, including their not so great opinion of my doctor himself! I told my doctor (in a polite manner of course) that they thought he was not doing his job because he didn't even bother to prescribe a meter and strips (I am a mild T2) and ever since he's paying more attention, ordered a full blood panel etc etc. I now have the meter and strips and a laundry list of specialists I am to go see e.g. Eye doc, foot doc, and so forth.

After I get through tax filing and wrangling with my new ACA insurance requirement quagmire I'll make some cards and give them out, too.

Bravo sdkate! ;)

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sdkate, that's a fantastic idea! So you all know, we also have nice, big brochures in the Diabetes Hands Foundation office, which detail info about TuDiabetes and our other programs (the Spanish sister site, EsTuDiabetes.org, the advocacy program DiabetesAdvocates.org and our exercise awareness program BigBlueTest.org). I would be very happy to mail a pile of these to anyone who would like them, and would MUCH appreciate the help getting the word out about our wonderful community!

Anyone interested in getting some brochures can send me their snail mail address through my TuDiabetes account, or via my e-mail emily2@diabeteshf.org