Having a bad low

I got up to go to the bathroom, and as always when I get up in the middle of the night, I checked my CGM, and it said 58 and dropping. OK. The bad part was the arrow pointed southeast. So not dropping fast. And then I looked at my pump, and somehow, in my sleep, I had programmed 298 carbs, and a square-wave bolus of 7.5 units at 1 AM. And I had told it my BG was 79.

Well, I better check it on my meter, and I'm looking at 48 with a significant amount of insulin on board, although I don't know how much. I suppose I could find that out on my Medtronic 722, but I THINK that involves programming another bolus, and I don't want to do that. And I'm NOT feeling the low, but if both the CGM and my meter are telling me I'm low, I think it's true.

So I'm sitting here at the computer eating carbs, which is a good thing to do, but the scary part is HOW in the world did I do that in my sleep? What if I hadn't woken up to pee?

So I'm kind of freaked out right now, and scared I'll do it again. And because it was a square-wave, I suspect I'm not done with it. :-(

holy crap!! that is crazy! technology devils at work, hope you are not working tomorrow!

Hi Natalie. Before you go to bed at night, you could set the "child lock" option, which you might not be able to torn off in your sleep. The only other thing I can think of is to go on MDI for a few days to deprogram your mind. What a nightmare thing to have happen!

Holy geez that is scary...I agree with Trudy, child lock should work...and perhaps, as a double precaution, if you have a leather pouch for it, stick it in there! Good luck.

Hi Natalie,
Yes this has happened to me before as well. I think the lock is a great idea. I think I'll start using it also. I can remember years ago waking up and my husband telling me that I was trying to check my blood glucose with my baby's pacifier. Ya just never know what we do when not all there. lol!

Hi, all,
I'm fine this morning, except for dealing with rebound high (yeah, I ate too much to correct, but I was so scared about the ridiculous amount of carbs I programmed in) and then correcting for the high, I plummeted again, but being more careful with this one. And I think the child lock is a GREAT idea! I've never done anything like this before, but if it can happen once, it can happen again, and it scares me to think of what would have happened if I had not needed to pee! So I will figure out how to use the child lock, starting tonight! :-)

Hi Natalie, Do you think you actually programed it in a dream state or do you think it was just a series of unfortunate button pushes. I haven't used the lock keypad feature of my pump but after reading this I think I might.

By the way you will find this feature under utilities

Well, it would have to take a precise order of unfortunate button pushes to do what I did. But I truly have no idea. And it definitely wouldn't hurt to use the child lock!

i have done the opposite thing. Suspended my pump in my sleep and woke up DKA! Definitely going to try the child lock from now on! Hope you are feeling okay today.

Glad you are ok Natalie. Lows are very scary in the middle of the night and I have done the same thing, ended up being too high in the morning!

Oh my goodness! So glad you woke up and discovered what was going on.

Hi Natalie - that is scary ! I wish the MM pump did not force the range for carbs at 0-300. You probably hit the 'down' arrow on the carb screen.
I just tried it on my MM, and it calculated 25 units !. I have my max bolus set to 5.0, so the pump gave a warning, and only would allow 5. Maybe your max prevented you from getting even more than what you did. Hope the child lock works for you.

Agreed about the carb range, although some people DO eat 300 carbs at one sitting. The more I think about it, the more I think it was sleep-bolusing (sorta like sleep-walking). Because the sequence of strokes necessary to program 298 carbs AND a square wave bolus is just not imaginable as an accidental button push. And I didn't change the max bolus from what was pre-programmed at the factory. A square wave wouldn't trigger that, anyway, unless you programmed a massive one. The thing that saved me WAS the square wave, because it was dribbling out smaller amounts than it would have as a regular bolus. And, of course, once I figured out what had happened, I immediately canceled the rest of the square wave.

One other thing that I never learned, even using MM for 14 years: What's the difference between the Block and Lock Keypad options? So far as I could tell by playing with it, they work the same? And if so, why are there 2 options?

Really frightening! Relieved you're ok. Better high than too low. Know that stomach dropping, panicked feeling as you're shoveling in sugar. Makes me feel grateful being pumpless.

Interesting about Block vs Lock, I didn't realize there were 2 options. Block seems to prevent Bolus and Basal changes, but allows other functions, including suspend, checking status screen, history, etc. Lock prevents everything.
I'd guess that square wave was defaulted because it was what you used for your previous bolus, or you actually pressed keys to select it. On my pump the max bolus still applied, and came up before the menu to choose dual/square. You may want to check and adjust your max bolus if necessary.

With the Animas Ping you can set a maximum allowed bolus. You can also set a maximum amount to bolus in 2 hours and a maximum daily bolus amount. So those are additional safety nets. I can’t remember whether Medtronic has anything like that. With my Ping I can also set a maximum hourly basal rate.

that is why i test 14 times a day & night before i drop too low or go too high.it works for me

It sucks, doesn't it, Shoshana! I do have a CGM, and it gives me a pretty good idea where I stand. I'm pretty sure it must have gone off when I was going low, but I didn't hear or feel it because I was sound asleep. Maybe I DO need a diabetes alert dog, but WAY too expensive, LOL!!

NATALIE that's why i test 14 times a day & night before i go too low or too high.it works for me.