Having great results with Alpha Lipoic Acid!

Hi people,

Just wanted to report that I am having great results with ALA, I have been taking 1200mg a day, along with 1000mg of evening primrose oil for a week and I have not had a single blood glucose result out of my target range when I have been testing, my fast morning BS has also been fantastic!

It could be coincidence, but I have to say there might be something to this combination that Dr Bernstein recommends. May be psychosomatic, but my vision also seems sharper and I feel quite zingy, well worth the $10 a month in my opinion.

I am not taking it for neuropathy, as to date I have managed to avoid it, so I can't comment on that aspect of it.

I for one am sold on it.

Would be interested to hear others experiences of it.



Are you taking the R-ALA? I have tried it, but it was some years ago and it didn't seem to do much of anything for blood sugar control. In my case I found a number of things would work for perhaps a couple of weeks and then nothing. Bitter Melon extract was that way, big dip for a week, then nothing. I hope it keeps up. Bernsteins recommendations for supplements mostly seem pretty sound.


Hope you are well. I am not taking the R-ALA yet (I understand this is the time release formula and is more concentrated) I have started with just the straight forward ALA as it is cheaper and more widely available. I think I will order some R-ALA when my current batch has been used.

It is early days and has only been a week, but I reviewed my weekly data this morning and my averages are all down by at least 1% and I have not changed diet, ratios, basals, or exercise.

Hopefully it continues!

I keep hearing about bitter melon. My partners step mum is Chinese and she recommended it to me. I will give it ago.

I have always been somewhat dismissive of supplements and vitamins, seeing them largely as snake oil and quackery.

I am a fan of this guy and he has written extensively on the subject..



But as you say all of Dr B's advice I have followed to date has worked, so I thought why not.

Actually, there are two forms of Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA).The molecule exists in two forms, that are mirror images of each other. They are often designated as R and S (R-ALA, S-ALA or RLA and SLA). Only R-ALA exists in nature and the medicinal properties are apparently different. Synthesized ALA often contains a mixture of R-ALA and S-ALA and may even contain just S-ALA.

The other thing about R-ALA is that in the metabolism of it, your body consumes Biotin. So you need to supplement with Biotin as well, I beleive the factor is 100:1 (100 parts R-ALA to 1 part Biotin). The product Bernstein recommends is Insulow which while more expensive is R-ALA with the proper levels of Biotin added.

Bitter melon is a chinese fruit which is often fried up. I usually bought the extract, often available at health stores or on-line. I am also generally cautious about supplements.

I'm pleased that you found Ben Goldacre. He is great. He is like the voice of reason in the UK. I really like his site BadScience where he collects a lot more of how work. He also generally runs his articles in the Guardian and other things there so it is really a compedium.

Well I learnt something today, thanks bsc!

I read his book bad science a while back and have been following him ever since.

Here's to acid!

I'm intrigued by the vision thing, I am blaming it on "old" rather than "diabetes" but night vision ain't what it used to be?

Alan may I ask what brand you are taking?

I cannot find any brands of 150mg per pill online?

I love ALA and omega 3... Great news!!

So you are taking 9 caps a day, I was hoping to find stronger strength ones.