Having issues with the automatic insert

I've only been wearing a pump for about two years now and the past three months i have switched to the omnipod, I started with the medtronic and an infusion set that I put in myself (with diabetes its nice to be able to control some of what goes on). Wearing the omnipod is very different from the medtronic, Im having a really hard time pushing myself to wear it. Does anyone else have the same problem or have any ideas on how to get over this fear?

Rachael_elizabeth: It may be a personal issue. I "failed" on the Medtronic, due to the tubing, which frequently got snaggled. I have been using the OmniPod since May of 2013 and find it easy. I wear the pod on my upper arm, switching left and right. I have had Type I since 1985 and find the pump much easier than 7 to 10 injections a day, plus with the basal insulin, my A1C has dropped more than two points. What about the OmniPod causes your fear ?
If you have greater comfort with the Medtronic, that might be the better choice for you.--Ruthe

Maybe you need to have a nurse/trainer come to your house and talk you through the set up ? It is not so different than inserting the setting for the minimed pump...

For me, the OmniPod is quite easy--easier to insert than my Dexcom. I place the pod on my arm and push the button on the PDM to insert; it is very quick. The nurse trainer suggestion is beneficial.

One suggestion is to keep in mind there are a LOT of places where you can wear the Omnipod. Trial and error is the best solution there. I put mine on a few places at first that I'll never use again. Like the front of my upper arm. I liked the idea, but that location was very painful and bled like crazy. I've found that my upper abs and back of arm is the best. I occasionally wear it on my side abs, and a few times on my thighs, but don't like that area just due to feeling it's too easy to knock off there. Though I do knock one off my arms once in a while. Try new spots and see what you can discover.

I usually wear mine on the back of my arms or the tops of my thighs. And then I completely forget they're there. I think if you can sort of take a breath, get present, figure out what you're fearing...that's always a help for me.

I personally LIKE not having to insert anything into myself. I just fill the Pod, stick it on my location of choice, and press the button on the PDM. I both pinch up the area around the Pod just before it goes in, and lightly press down on the Pod. Before I can count to five, the cannula is in and I am on my way.

What do you fear? The anticipation that it might be painful? The imagined lack of control over actually inserting the cannula? The idea that you might do something wrong? Figure out what you fear and then take steps to quell that fear. I agree with others that a diabetes educator who can coach you through a Pod change might be a good idea. If you can find some videos on this sight that show you how to do a Pod change, that also may be very helpful.

I love the Pod and hope that you will give it a chance. It will be a life-changer for you, and just expressing your fear lets us all know that you are strong enough to overcome it. Best wishes for your success.