New to Omnipod and having placement problems

Intro: I just started the pod two weeks ago and just started insulin in it on Friday. I am 31 and was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes in my early twenties. After trying really hard to manage my BG's my Dr found that my dawn phenomenon was really impacting my A1C and wanted me to start a pump, so here I am.

So far it has been ok. The first few days were really hard adjusting to a foreign appendage but things are better now. My only issue has been placement. I have used it on both my arms with no problems and also tried the left side of my abdomen last Sunday. That night I had alot of burning and I took the pod off and there was a good amount of blood from the injection site and I still have two large bruises from where the pod was placed. I am hesitant to use it on my abdomen again but my Dr. wants me to give it a shot so I am cycling through areas regularly Any tips? Did I do something wrong? I placed it above my pant line to avoid abrasion, I pinched the site upon insertion, and I placed it horizontally. My only thought is that I am overweight and maybe too fat in that area. Could that be a problem? It was also uncomfortable to sleep in that area so I was thinking maybe I would be better off doing it on my lower back. Thoughts?

Lastly my spare pod in my bag started squealing yesterday out of the blue. I think I read that this could happen. I was out and couldn't find a way to crush it and ended up jumping on it and burying it in the trash so it would stop. Any suggestions on either how to stop the beeping or avoid it in the first place?

I played around with the arm quite a bit, too, but my favorite spot is on my legs. I put it on the outside of my thighs, and I love it. I can barely tell it's there.

Just be patient -- it will take some time to find the right spot for you. Lots of us do different things with placement, and the only right way to do it is the way that you personally like best. Good luck!

I agree, just try different areas and see how it goes. I left abdomen for sensor only, and I don't use this are for the pump at all. My favorite is low back. I use one side up to the 15th of a month and then I switch to the other. I noticed that this way I avoid using all the time just a few favorite spots. So I change my pod and place the next one close but not in the same spot. So far it works well for me.

About turning of the bip. One way to open it but you need serious tools. The other way is to put something small - for example paperclip in the little hole on the back of the pod. Ask someone to show it to you for the first time.

Good Luck

I'm a bit overweight myself and it is a little bothersome to wear a pod on my already bulging tummy. To help I wear them a bit high on my abs so they are hidden slightly by clothing. I actually find sleep much easier with them there because I'm mainly a side sleeper.

To stop a beeping pod use a knife, butter knife is fine, to pry open the pod from the seem around its side. Then just pull the batteries. Lots of folks also pull the batteries from used pods for use because they are standard types used in other electronics.

My daughter has the same problem every now and then when she uses her abdomen. She prefers her back, but rotates around and sometimes she will have a painful, bleeder on the abdomen and has to move it. She said it bruises almost everytime there too and she is slim so I don't think it's necessarily directly related to being overweight.

I also have had issues the two times I tried wearing on my abdomen. I thnk any place the skin can fold will give you issues. Both times I woke up with high bg levels and tried bolusing a few times and levels would not come down this indicated to me that cannula had dislodged. So I replaced Pod and after a few hours was able to get my levels back down. My favorite spot is lower back under waist closer to fanny. I usually sit when applying so as not to place too low. Back of right arm is ok but I do not like it being visible thru my sweaters and blouses. I’m a left side and stomach sleeper so I tend to only place on my right side. Thanks for the info about the beeping Pod in your bag I had no dea this could happen, guess I’d better remove the Pod in my desk at work. Good Luck!

Another way to 'stop' the screaming....put it in the freezer until trash day. :-)

I agree, try to wear it high on your stomach, thats what I do.

I love it on my stomach and thigh

what little hole are you talking about? I have a screamer and I can't fine what you are talking about.