Health Resources Beyond Diabetes

Elizabeth and I have been working hard on Over a 100 members signed up last week and are enjoying discussions on parenting, mental health, weight loss, and other topics. We’ve also signed up our first two professionals. Julia Kious, a licensed massage therapist, and Dr. Roman Krupa, a homeopathic doctor, are answering your questions.

Stop by and check it out!

If you would like to get involved in leading the community forward, please use the contact form on the site to send us a message. This is a community project and we look forward to getting a diverse set of voices involved.

I commend you guys for extending the great work you were already doing with DiabetesDaily beyond diabetes, now making a great resource like available to the world.

Manny, it’s really exciting to bring people together. I think we are both on the forefront of a growing trend towards patient-powered medicine. I hope we look back on these early years and marvel at how much we’ve improved the lives of everyday people.