Heart palpations. Kind of worried!

I have been getting some intense heart palpitations. It has me very worried. They last about 5-7 seconds. Anyone have these issues? If so. …what did you do to solve this issue or what are your experiences? Should I see a cardiovascular doctor?

So, I would definitely speak to a doctor about them. They can happen for a variety of reasons, not all of which have to do with CV health. My wife and I both get them, and they’re related to anxiety for us. She gets them before a panic attack, and mild heart palpitations are about the only symptom I have of regular old anxiety when I’m stressed out.

For me, they’re not something I worry about too much, and just try to do some deep breathing when I have them. They’re always super-uncomfortable and disturbing, but they don’t concern my doctors at all. For my wife they are a bit more serious, and she takes an antidepressant to help with anxiety (which reduces the frequency of having palpitations for her), and uses some anti-anxiety if she’s having an actual panic attack (which thankfully doesn’t happen too frequently).

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How I have been feeling lately anxiety would make sense. Like you said it is really super uncomfortable. Thank you.
I will also follow up with my doctor.

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I used to get these, and then I discovered they were related to caffeine intake. The palpitations themselves caused stress, which made them worse. When I read that they can be caused by caffeine, I could feel my whole chest relaxing. Now if I feel one coming on, I reduce coffee consumption.

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I’ve had heart palpitations due to several problems. One was supraventricular tachycardia (unexplained very rapid heart rate) and the other was Graves’ disease (autoimmune hyperthyroidism). I would definitely get checked out. Heart palpitations are the type of thing that could be related to a serious medical condition or could be absolutely nothing to worry about.


it can mean different thing from anxiety to other issues. ive always thought to talk to a doctor about it and go from there. you never know what may pop up! a lot of ppl would think its serious but it can again turn out to be anxiety. as others are saying, get it checked out so it doesnt consume your time with it. For me before i forget its mostly anxiety. sometimes caffeine can effect it a bit.