Heart palpitations during exercise


I'm a 27 year old. I've been a type one for about 6 years with a hba1c always around 7.

A year or two ago I suddenly started experiencing palpitations (by which I understand sudden irregular heart beats that don't change the overall rhythm). I panicked and had all sorts of tests done in my local hospital ( bicycle, echo, holter, ekg, brugada, ...). Some experts took a look and said that: with the information currently known, they was no reason to worry. 'with the information they currently had'. that's the thing. naturally nothing happened when I rode the bicycle or when i was wearing the holter.

Anyhow, i've since been experiencing them from time to time. They accompany all the normal circumstances; stress, caffeine, low blood sugar, high blood sugar, eating too much, lying on my side, too little sleep, to little hydration, .... And i've learned not to freak out to much about them.

But contrary to normal circumstances I've lately been having the most occurrence of palpitations whenever I exercise (+-155 bpm), up to the point that they are so persistent/recurring, i have to stop. The fact that this is happening when my heart rate is elevated seems contrary to what i expected...
It might have been related to the fact that on these occasions my blood sugar was moderately elevated (190mg/dl).

Still, I'm confused...

Is there anyone who has knowledge on the combination of palpitations and diabetes or who has experienced these primarily during exercise.


I was also going to say thyroid. But maybe this has already been checked.

It also occurs to me that anxiety might do it, also adrenal disease or autonomic neuropathy. The ADA has exercise guidelines for people who get irregular heart beats or problematic heart rates with exercise- they recommend doing a lot o fmild exercise and no extreme exercise- makes sense to me!

Thanks for the thoughts.
like I said, they did a whole line of tests (bicycle, echo, holter, ekg, brugada, ...). they also did bloodwork that time, separately from the bloodwork they do every 4 months. I would be surprising to me that it turns out they don't check for thyroid function. nevertheless, i'll send them a mail to ask.

I also want to point out that my overall heart rate is never strangely high or low, neither irregular for a prolonged period. by which i mean that i don't think i have heart rhythm disorders (like tachycardia or fibrillation ,...).

Furthermore, I am in general good condition. I exercise regularly, no blood pressure problems, no weight problems, etc..

I'll write down that i need to ask them to check my thyroid, adrenal glands and to check for autonomic neuropathy. But i wonder if i wouldn't be having any other symptoms if any of these conditions were present. nonetheless, it wont harm to check.

I have SVT which is where my heart will randomly go into tachycardia. I was diagnosed when I was 29 (just over a year and a half ago) and apparently it's fairly common in young, otherwise healthy people. I'm on a miniscule dose of a beta blocker to control it (as I've ended up in emergency three times), but am hoping to get off that perhaps in August when I see my cardiologist. I'm pretty sure a big trigger for me is stress.

Have you had your heart and/or heart rate and blood pressure checked when you're actually having these symptoms?

I hope you get it figured out soon. Anything to do with the heart is scary stuff!