Newly Diagnosed Diabetes with heart palpitations

At the end of May I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (35 years old). Prior to that I’ve never had heart palpitations. My first week using insulin I was cutting the grass and started having palpitations (flutters). I went inside and found my BG was 50. Since then (last 3 months) I have palpitations daily (1-30) per day that I notice.

I’ve had blood test, EKG, echocardiogram, stress test all look good. Only after the stress test completed did they see the palpitation and said it was PVC’s. (The palpitations didn’t start until I had gotten off the treadmill and sat down). They said because its not during exercise it was not a concern.

I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this and if they eventually stop happening. It’s very odd to me I didn’t have them for 35 years and now have them all the time.

Thank you in advance

Wow, this is definitely a medical concern that is not something I can address because I’ not a doctor. But it was suggested to me when I was having chest pains/ pressure & breathing problems that it’s panic/anxiety issues. Just a though. I did see a doctor who specializes in mental health & diabetes. Good luck. There is someone who can find the right answer for you!

Has any one mentioned afib? I was recently diagnosed with that. It feels like fluttering I’m your chest.

I just posted that I’d had low blood pressure after a hypo, which I had treated. If your palpitations are always after exercise, could it be that you are experiencing a quick lowering of blood glucose and also a reduction in blood pressure? And your palpitations are due to the incipient hypo? I have a feeling that the rate at which blood glucose rises and falls has extensive effects on the body, some of which we are aware of and some that go unnoticed.

After the stress test they got to see it on the EKG and it’s a PVC.

It’s not always after excessive, sometimes happens just watching tv.

I suspect anxiety with my new diagnosis (LADA) but I don’t know if that’s it.

Certainly hope they sort it out soon as this sort of thing can feed on itself.

Insulin does not only trigger glucose intake via the insulin receptor. It also regulates potassium intake of cells. Therefore a common side effect of insulin is Low Potassium (Hypokalemia). You will also find this term in the package insert of your insulin.

Since you are newly diagnosed the introduction of insulin happened just recently. The quick normalization in glucose and potassium levels will make it necessary for your body to adjust. Normal glucose levels might feel like hypos and the heart might have to adjust to normal potassium levels as well. The heart is a huge consumer of potassium.

Just to make sure your potassium levels are not dangerously low I would like to suggest to get lab results on the potassium level in your blood. Your doctor could then recommend a specific addition to your diet (like bananas) or potassium pills when necessary. But this needs proper diagnosis because having too much potassium from self treatment is dangerous as well.

Thyroid problems, apparently, acompany diabetes.

Do you see an endocrinologist? You should! And get tested for an over active thyroid. Which can definately lead to heart palpitations

@gladtobehere I did see an endocrinologist and they did test my thyroid, all normal. Right now I’m feeling 95% sure its was related to anxiety with me being newly diagnosed. Still I was wondering if anyone else had experienced this type of symptom but so far it seems like its not related to the diabetes its self.

I had a lot of PVC’s and I started taking a magnesium calcium D3 supplement and they have nearly disappeared. I barely notice them now.