Heart Tests for Long Time Type I Diabetics?

Does anyone know if there are any specific heart test that should be done if you have had Type I for 20 + years? I get my blood work done regularly and there are no obvious signs of heart trouble. Yet, I really don't trust these doctors to be honest. I keep reading that Type 1s are 10 X more likely to develop heart disease than non diabetics. If this is the case, why not go for a check up with a cardiologist just to make sure my heart is ok? Does anyone have any advice on this subject?

I did the Coronary calcium scan test. Insurance didn't cover for me, but the expense is relatively low ($150-300). It does provide a level of assurance that everything is OK with the ticker.

Test for c-reactive protein wiLL teelm if you have any inflammation, a precursor to heart dideases. I get mine checked every other year and so far after 43 years with type one diabetes, all is fine with my heart. My insurance at the time paid for it, but now that I am retired and not Medicaid age yet, I do not know if it will be free of charge, as in the past.

So far I am ok.: Blood pressure under control. Cholesterol levels great ( and I do NOT take statins).

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If your insurance will cover going to a cardiologist, that's what I did. I've been Type 1 for 25 years now and am 52. I have some family history with my grandparents of heart atacks and that's considered a secondary risk. I figured with the family history, diabetes for 25 years and my age, that it sure wouldn't hurt anything to get checked out.

I do an annual stress echo test and have done the ankle-brachial index test before. So far so good, but I figure that if I have problems later that having the baseline data from these tests will help them spot any problems.