A visit to my cardiologist

Just gotta share the good news!!! :slight_smile:

Background: I have a triple whammy for heart disease. First, my non-diabetic, thin father had his first heart attack before the age of 53 – it was discovered on the EKG when he had his second. He had cholesterol in the 300’s and that was before there were any anti-cholesterol drugs. I inherited his high cholesterol.

Second, I had a coronary artery spasm when I was 44 – it’s just like having a heart attack, but they did an angiogram, and my arteries were clear. WHEW!! But I will always be at risk of additional spasms, even though I take medication to prevent it.

Third, let’s hear it from you all – I have diabetes, for 20 years. And we all know that we are at higher risk than the general population!

So when I got my lab results back today I was elated! They were:
Score Range
Triglycerides 168 (0-149) LOWEST I’ve ever had!
LDL Calc 85 (0 - 99)
Chol. Total 162 (100-199)
HDL 43 (>39)
VLDL 34 (5-40) NEVER had this in the normal range before!

I attribute that to eating lower carb – staying mostly at 60-75g a day, with occasional “feasts”, less than once a month. I am on a small amount of medication, but have been for years, and never had results as good as this. So it looks like my experiment succeeded!

WOW! Great work, Natalie, congrats! Doing the happy dance for you.

I hear you on the inherited heart genes. My father died from a heart attack (after having several) when he was younger than I am now. Heart disease on my mother’s side also.

Goodness, you certainly have a house full of conditions. Wonderful how you did with your tests though. Way to go and Congrats.
My Dad’s side has/had heart problems also.

CONGRATULATIONS! That is a huge accomplishment. It has to feel good to see positive results from such hard work.