Hello from Spain

Hi All

I'm finding this site very difficult to get around so forgive if this is in wrong place...

Recently diagnosed type2, and so far all is..um..well. I think I have things under control, but on Saturday I had a episode, walking down the street myhands and legs had VERY strong pins and needles/numbness, I thought it was a stroke!!! Got to hospital and everything was completly normal!!! Very worrying...

I have the same feeling every morning when I go to work. It's just not AS strong...and after a few minutes sat down I'm fine....

Am I going to have a heart attack or something??? :(

No, it sounds like some neuropathy which is common with high blood sugars. Depending on how long your blood sugars have been high it should stop when they start to come down. But you should definitely mention it to your doctor. I see you are on oral meds and just want to make sure you've had the testing to make sure you are, in fact, type 2 and not type 1. Many of us are misdiagnosed based on age - adults can be either. How is your BMI? Do you have any other autoimmune conditions? Have you had c-peptide and antibody testing?

Thanks for the reply Zoe. BMI? C-Peptide? Antibody? Wow it's all Greek to me I'm afraid :(

I'm new to it all and waiting for endocrinologia (in May) I guess I'll know more after that...?

I have a doctors appointment this week so I'll be telling him what's going on..

Thanks for the help! :)

Ok, BMI is a fancy way of saying are you overweight, just right or underweight. Did you lose weight at diagnosis? Autoimmune conditions are things like thyroid disease. Many people that have one autoimmune condition have another so it's an indicator of possible Type 1. Finally c-peptide and antibody testing are ways to determine your type. If you have some factors indicating strongly you might be type 1 than it's important to get testing. Many doctors assume incorrectly that any adult is type 2.

Thanks for the explanation! I'm not overweight or underweight, and haven't lost any or gained any lately. No other disease to speak of, unless you count high blood pressure?

Well, it's all quite new to me, I'm only about 2 months in....I just want this "numb hands and out of breath" thing to go away so I don't keep thinking it's a heart attack!! I do panic....

Thanks again :)

I was diagnosed with a A1C of 13.1, my first finger stick was 392 (21.7) Interestingly my neuropathy didn't start until I started getting my blood sugar down. My goal is to never go over 140(7.8) and I make it most of the time. Keeping my meter readings within this range has made for a dramatic reduction in my neuropathy, although it has not gone away. This will not happen all at once but over time the symptoms can get better if you achieve decent control. Here's an article about how the nerves heal and why it takes time.

hi amidying. thats a great name by the way. where are you in spain? im in seville and was diagnosed t1 in 2011. i did have those pins and needles before insulin and it was freaky!

Looks like the others have given you some good explanations of neuropathy; so please don't worry. But I definitely suggest you get c-peptide and antibody testing to clarify your type. Are the medications bringing down your blood sugars?

The pins and needles may well be neuropathy. A funny thing that I noticed about neuropathy is that as blood glucose goes down the pain tends to go up for a while. This is not permanent as you maintain good control it should get better. It's strange that neuropathy gets worse before it gets better.

could also be panic attacks. I worked in an ER for years and people came in with the same complaint.

People do mistake panic attacks for heart attacks, but this description doesn't sound anything like panic attacks. It definitely sounds like neuropathy as others have said.

They actually said at the hospital last week that it was "anxiety", which I do not believe at all....I'm the most relaxed person I know.

All my reading were totally normal according to them. Yet this happens every morning, yesterday for example, walking to work I started getting out of breath and numb hands/legs, not very strong, so I sat for a few minutes and felt ok..

I will mention the neuropathy thing to my doctor this week