my name is bianca.i’m from puerto rico.i’m talk spanish and english is littler.my school is bilingue,but talk spanish big and english little.i talk from you.quisiera ser tu friend.please talk later.bye


Hi Bianca. Don’t worry about your spanish/english. I’m from San Diego and when I’m on the border it’s pretty common for me to speak english to the vendors and for them to speak spanish to me and we communicate great! But seriously ifyou have any questions or concerns feel free to chat, we’ll ask if we don’t understand something.

Take care.

Hi Bianca I’m Emmie. I don’t speak Spanish I took it in High school. I remember very little, but, I am glad to meet you. Maybe I can understand a little. I am from Arkansas.

hello emmie.i not spekle engles.i talk spanish.im a puerto rico.maybe me is your friend.and in intermedia school.bye,talk later.