feel a little nervous to share on this blog because diabetes is somewhat a bothersome aspect in my life and art is probably my greatest passion in life;i feel kinda’ sensitive having potential dialogue with other diabetics.you might have a look at my photo of my painting breathe,as i say in my description,the painting unintentionally came out representing something id never satisfactorily been able to express previously;my experience of severe hypos.id never have chosen to make a piece of work representing anything diabetes related (heaven forbid!)but its really significant that it came out -and not painfully,maybe the piece represents something transcendent for me as opposed to a heaviness which has typified diabetic experience for me
ive not seen much in the way of images of your art on this site,id love to see more-but maybe looking in general photo albums isnt exactly the right place to be looking?,maybe i need to spend some more time looking.
im in london england. im ancient,well 38 in february and became diabetic in 1977.i probably lied about dates on my profile because of not altogether unrealistic internet/identity paranoia,
im on the site (apart from it being of interest)because i want to be better friends with the diabetes and i thought you guys might be helpful in that,its good to hear how folks cope (or struggle?)
best wishes,emma x

Hi Emma, thanks for writing this blog. I’m sure it was hard to sit down and actually give voice to your feelings, especially if you’re like me and you like to deny diabetes’ role in your life. I know that’s pretty much exactly how I feel. Diabetes is a pretty f’ing ridiculous drag, I didn’t ask for it, and to admit that it dominates any part of my life or is the root cause of any relationship in my life would be letting it win in a way. Joining tudiabetes actually took a lot of mental “work” for me to be ok with. Now I’m really glad that I did because the knowledge that there are other people thinking about the preoccupations I am is quite empowering in itself.

Anyway, welcome to the site. Your painting is beautiful!!