Help? A question about waking up in the mornings


Hi All,
I normally sleep in til around 8:30 am. sigh… My bloodsugar numbers always range in the 145 to 170 range between 8:30 and 9:30 in the mornings.
When I get up and test at 6 am when my hubby gets ready for work; my numbers range between 110 and 120!!!
So, here is the question.

WHY??? Why such a big difference?
Are we supposed to get up every morning as if we were going out to work? Sorry, without ins. I gotta bug you with all the simple questions too:) teach me?

UGH!!! I love my job! LOL! I think I’m a decent mom and a cool homeschooling teacher. We dont need to get up early:) We just start our day and keep going til our chores are done and schoolwork is done.


That would be the dawn phenomenon you are talking about. You can Google it if you want and you will find tons of resources on it, but here’s a good one for you to read in the meantime:


How about the dawn syndrome? That’s what it sounds like to me. As Manny said cheak out the site he gave you and it will explain more to you.


I read tht the 3 most likely causes are 1.insufficient insulin- it is wearing off over night- 2.the dawn phenomenon, blood sugar rises to get you ready for the day, and 3.the Somogyi effect which is a rebound after blood sugar goes low. I have the last one- if I don’t eat first thing in the morning, by 7 at least, my BG rises about 20 points. I have noticed this on the weekend when I sleep in and also if I go for a walk before breakfast. You could try having a small snack at 6 AM when you get up to test and see if that makes a difference.


Thankyou, I think I will set an alarm and test for a few days. We’ll see what happens.
This one thing has kept me at a point of frustration for two years now.
LOL! by the time I get insurance and am able to show a Dr. all of my logs…
I just hope I get a Dr that will really be interested in my experiences!


Hi MeadowLark

I’m also a homeschooler, and I also get up late! Dontchya love the freeeeedom! (Until we realise that the kids are at home all the time … there goes freedom lol)

Thankfully I don’t have the DP, but I do get the ‘wake’ phenomenon, where my numbers slowly climb as soon as I’m out of bed - but that’s an easy fix with a unit or two as soon as I get up. Not so easy for someone who isn’t on insulin… but maybe a little exercise the night before, or a small protein snack before bed to give your body something to work with in the morning?