Help,,,help,,,,and some more help!

Ok people what the ever lovin heck is wrong with me?,I can look at a carb,smell a carb,think about a carb and it’s up up and away with my sugars!!!,Actually just eating period raises my sugars! And believe me I have been a good girl!..I am so frustrated with all this!,I’m going on my sixth year of being diagnosed and it seems everytime I turn around it just keeps getting worse!,I started out on metformin alone,then they added byetta,then actos(good lord the swelling!),then janumet 2x’s a day and lantus 30units at night,the janumet,ha ha ha,that was a blast was sick for 2 weeks with all the side effects,upper respiratory,headache,now I am on metformin 1000 2x’s a day and the lantus am suppose to increase it everyday till my fastings are good,I am up to 34 now and my fastings in the am are around 116,but let me be awake 1 hour and here we go,up up up,to 300!,Help!


You poor girl! Have you tried keeping a food diary? One that not only lists what you eat but how much you eat? It’s got to be coming from somewhere. Do you have a book that lists carb counts such as “The Calorie King Fat & Carbohydradate Counter?” I got mine from Medtronic but I think I’ve seen them in Barnes & Noble Book Store. Also, do you do a lot of cooking and “putting together” ingredients? I find it harder count the carbs when it’s a batch thing or a casserole, etc. (To me, it’s not food if it can’t get nuked in a few minutes!) Try keeping this diary along with sugar readings for a month and then see your educator or DR.

Also, are you under any particularly stressful situations? Stress can really drive up the numbers but should not be ever present.

Well, that’s all I can think of for the moment. I hope you are discussing this with your doctor and a dietician. Sometimes, we can’t see things clearly and need a second party to take a look.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Debbie, It’s possible that you are in need of a fast acting insulin (R, Humalog, Novalog), now! Ask your CDE or Dr. about it.
Sorry to hear about the frustration though, I know how that is! NO fun at all!! :0(

Thanks for all of your replies,In answer to Lois,Yes Yes Yes…I even do the sugarbuster thingy, I have kept diaries of what goes in(but not what comes out,lol,sorry!) what my blood sugars are pre meals,1 hour after,and 2 hours after…oh and that good ole glycemic index!..and I think pretty much on the same lines as you,nuke nuke nuke,Renee,I swim swim swim,I had a botched up knee surgery 2 yrs ago that ended up with a knee replacement and lots of other problems,I see a vascular surgeon on the 27th,anyway that pretty much leaves walking etc out,but I do swim every day and try to be as active as I can! Melissa,I have thought about that…My family history makes me somehow think that maybe I could be type 1.5…My mothers whole side of the family was diabetic,and all insulin dependent,My great grandmother and two of her sons all passed from diabetic complications,we have a very big family,I have 4 sisters and 1 brother,they are all older than me and so far I am the only one to be diagnosed,My niece’s daughter was 11 when she was diagnosed and is a very brittle diabetic other than that no one else,my c-peptide sucks,I know the doc is trying to do the best for me,the lantus was a result of my c-peptide,he doesnt want my pancrease to play out altogether,but im tired of all this switching and back and forth and this and that,now theres some stress Lois!..oh yeah,I forgot Lois,does extreme home makeover mean stress?..I;m just tired of all this,thanks for letting me vent!

I too, think it’s possible that I might be 1.5, but, with no insurance, I can’t afford the tests. Heck, I really can’t even afford the regular tests I get every 3 to 6 months!! Which is why it’s 3 to 6 months! Gotta get one lab bill paid off, before I can get more labs done! sigh

Most T2’s I know, who take insulin, take LARGE amounts of it!! I don’t! I take about 25 units of NPH insulin morning and night (depends upon my BG as to how much I’ll take) and my insulin to carb ratio for R insulin is 1:10. I think I was “slapped” with the T2 title because of my weight! I don’t think that I have the insulin resistance, else I would be taking oodles of units of insulin. I’ve never heard of a T2 who doesn’t have insulin resistance! Yanno! I know I’m not T1, well, because I know my BG was on the high side for YEARS, before I was actually diagnosed. So, 1.5 is the only other option!

I also can honestly say I didn’t have really good control before I was put on isulin, either! I could keep my after meal BG around 180, but, in reality, it should have been at or under 140! My morning numbers … it was a rare occasion that they were under 130, usually more like 140! No matter what I did! After insulin, almost always between 100 and 110! So long as I take my insulin like I’m supposed to (I sometimes forget my PM shot! UGH!), and I don’t wake up in the middle of the night and snack on something, I should be snacking on! LOL OR, have a low, to which you lose your ever loving mind and go carb crazy! giggles

Before I went on insulin, I was basically like you … I was eating less and less carbs, but my BG was going higher and higher … I refused to starve, JUST to keep my BG where it should be! I had just changed to a new doc, and actually hadn’t been to a doc in over a year at that time. Luckily, I’ve got a good doc, who listens, and he said, “Welp, it’s time for insulin, then!” And, that’s what we did! It made a HUGE difference!! My A1c went from 6.9 to 6.0 in a matter 4 months. Well, it was really 3, because he tried, as a last resort, a different combo of pills, which, didn’t work, and it was a month later that I was put on the insulin.

I’m having some issues again! Where I didn’t have to take (bolus) insulin for a meal that was under 30g or so carbs before, I now find that I do have to! Which frustrates me! And, I sometimes forget to take it before a lower carb meal. I was pretty “set in my ways” there!! LOL I also had to up my NPH dose, to keep those morning numbers in a good place! The progression of the disease. The pancreas is crapping out! OH JOY! (not)

I hope you are seeing the right doctor, preferably an endocrinologist who realizes protocols for diabetes treatment have changed radically in the last ten years. Have you read Dr. Bernstein? He is the ultimate expert. You must tell your doctor or other practicitioner that you want your BG in control, and that’s it, period. To my mind—and I’m no medical professional or anything—insulin is the best drug. Natural, cheap, effective. Bernstein has a chapter on sudden increases in BG. It can be a dental problem! OR any other changes you have made recently, like new meds or supplements for other conditions.
Before the sun goes down today, check out Jenny’s Web site: "
She is excellent, won the award for the best medical web site last year and gives many of us courage that we can master this thing!

Debbie, I too was diagnosed six years ago and have followed the same path as you, with the exception of a few different meds. I was disgusted and it seemed like no matter what I did (including heavily restricting carbs) would help. With the help of a Diabetes list I joined a few years ago, I recently started dosing Lantus twice a day, morning and night and now use Humalog prior to meal time based on the number of carbs that I eat. Already, I have noticed a significant difference. I too, have a serious case of DP (where my fasting is fairly low, but within 15 minutes of waking, sometimes even doubling the fasting number). Going to the split dose of Lantus has helped that as well. As I have only been doing this since the 6th, I still have some time to go before I’ll say that I am successful, but I will say that so far, in everything I’ve tried in the past 6 years this has given me the most effective result…and the quickest.


Stress is the biggest villain of all. It can totally change your numbers. Home makeover … are you really redoing your home? I think that’s wonderful. Just try to think of what it’s going to be like when you’re all done!!! Heaven, I hope.

I reacted first with the diet thing because that’s the reaction I always get. My wrist hurts … lose weight; my back hurts … lose weight; my knee hurts … lose weight. Just because I AM heavy doesn’t mean EVERYTHING falls under “weight.”

You are doing much more than I am to control. I should be testing 6-8 times per day but, sometimes, I skip meals and don’t test when I don’t eat. I KNOW, I KNOW. I should’nt skip. But if I don’t feel like eating, I don’t.

Keep up the daily swimming. That’s what the bariatric surgeon suggests to get me to lose weight. Although, I HATE myself in a swimsuit. Because of my lack of mobility, balance and bad back, I cannot do a lot of exercises. Swimming is the only one that offers resistance without putting a strain on the joints.

You can only do what you can do. You have a much better lifestyle than I do. Keep working at it and, eventually, it will come into line. You’ll happen onto something that turns everything around!!!

Good luck.

Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI

So frustrating!

Melissa’s suggestion about insulin is a great one. When oral meds aren’t working & you can’t tie it to illness, infection, stress or hormones, it’s the route to investigate.

Dear Debbie.

Any idea what makes it go to the moon within 1 hour of waking? The stress of waking up is quite a lot but 300 wow…

In addition to waking up, did you drink any coffee? Caffeine makes my BG skyrocket and then it is difficult to bring down for several hours. Once I injected so much fast insulin after the coffee, I told my wife to get ready for 911 but nothing happened the BG trickeled down slowly. This was a simple fix cut the coffee in the morning.

Do not the 34 IU of Lantus help with this wake-up rise? The only problem with it is it is a slow release insulin over 24 hours so uping you dose will only give you a little more in the morning. You may need a good shot of fast insulin if mornings really stress you out.

Let us know how the metformin works out.

Did you eat anything during this hour? Two toasts would do 300 for me.

When you get out of bed sit for a few minutes before standing up to minimize the shock on the body. Even better go back to sleep for several hours to reduce your stress and/or sleep depravation if you can.

Nothing is wrong with you I have the same loving relationship with carbs as you do. I think it is simply our pancreases have died completely.

Is it not wonderful that our diseases are so different, the only common denominator is hell.

Sorry guys I have been out of pocket for a few days,Sister reunion,talk about stress!!!,Naw I love all of my sisters!,OK,this is the deal,I decided not to up the evening dose of Lantus anymore because what the heck,it aint lasting for 24 hours anyway,so still am on the 34,and fastings in the am are still around the 116 to 118 for the most part,have had a few high ones and 1 only one,lol,at 104. I’m a slow waker so no i dont have coffee in the first hour i’m awake,the first hour is pretty much wake up,turn on the news,let the dog out,go to the bathroom,check the BG,let the dog in,etc etc,then if I do have coffee or tea or anything its caffiene free,this is beginning to be so hard,I havent been eating anything till supper in order to try and keep my sugars low till i go back to the doc tomorrow and this is proving to be a disaster on its own too!,I know I need to eat but grrrrrrrrr,even the low carb is sucking!,like i say,look at a carb smell a carb and here i go!,Guess my metabolisum sucks!..just like all this!..well maybe tomorrow all will change when i go back to the doc…is there anything I need to be forceful about with him when i go,I need all the help I can get!

Hey Debbie,

For one, most people find that if you split your Lantus does into two doses, one AM and one PM (right about 12 hours apart) that it works much better for them! You’re right, it doesn’t last 24 hours anyway, and this is why someone came up with the split doses, AM & PM. I still think that you are now needing fast acting insulin to go along with the long acting. You are going to see the doc tomorrow, so discuss this with him. STRESS that NO MATTER how little amount of carbs you eat, that your BG is going UP, UP, UP!!! Hopefully he’ll listen to you, and add the fast acting. And then, you can come back here, and we’ll all help you with correctly dosing!! I’m amazed at how UNknowlegable docs are when it comes to this!! sheeeeesh!

By the way, did you know that when you don’t eat (skip meals) that your liver can go into “starvation mode”, it freaks out (cuz it thinks, OMG!! the body is starving to death!! must do something about this!!!) and then pumps out EXTRA glucose (yea, like we need that!!!), to give the body energy to go on!!

There are NO carb items you can eat in the mornings, like eggs, bacon, most sausages (some have “fillers” that have some carbs in them), ham, etc. Another thing I used to do (still do sometimes) is have a light yogurt cup. They have about 13g of carbs (it varies a little bit). That was low enough to not raise my BG so much. Plus, it’s kinda sweet, so it helps a little with the sweet tooth thing! ;0) I’m not much of a breakfast eater anyway, so it also made it light and quick, for me. Cottage Cheese (if you like it) is another quick, low carb breakfast. I don’t remember the carb count right now, and I don’t happen to have any in the fridge at the moment either. I would get me some of the sugar free, or no sugar added jam (about 5g carbs per teaspoon), and put about a teaspoon of that in there. Again, low carb, a little bit sweet, and quick! Both are good for snacks too! As well as sugar free pudding!

And, if you’re funny about your bread, like I am, get some Natures Own Honey Wheat, or the White Wheat, they’re like 11g/12 g of carbs per slice. I dont like whole wheat breads or low carb breads … ick. like eating sand paper or something, to me, it’s gritty like, eW. If I don’t like the taste or feel of something in my mouth, I will NOT eat it, I don’t care how “good” it is for me! I’d rather go without! LOL It certainly ain’t gonna cure my Diabetes, so I’m not going to bother with it!

Good Luck at the doc tomorrow!! Be sure and update us on how that goes!!


Reading what the others have said, there is a thread running through their responses. All have trouble controlling the ups and downs (me, me, me!) and all have been trying all sorts of things to see if they will work (me, me, me!).

The first thing we should do is go to our endos. Most GPs don’t understand a lot about diabetes and only flounder around with meds until they give up. Mine kind of “washed his hands” of my diabetes and sent me packing to an endocrinologist. Right move for me.

Second, get yourself involved with either a dietician or a diabetic nurse educator. They know more about nutrition than most doctors. I am told that DRs take only a semester-long course on nutrition. Dieticians, nutritionists, etc. study for years. So we put ourselves in the hands of people who know the most.

Next, and most important, WE VENT TO OUR FRIENDS. Not just ANY friends, friends like here. The ones who can sympathize because they are going through it. There is a reason for these sites. Sometimes I just don’t want to expend the energy of exploring my feelings. That’s when I need to be pushed the most. Take it from an old-timer in the big D, don’t be stubborn like me. And you don’t have to apologize for letting it out.

Well, I have the feeling I’m rambling. Time to close. But I hope that you can get back on your feet. Things will turn around if you keep at it.

Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI

Well Guys,the doctors appt. was today! I had decided before I ever went in there this morning to take ya"lls advice and lay it on the line. I worked closely with this doc for about 8 years before the botched up knee surgery that forced me to retire from a job I loved very much and had been at for 20 years,but then thats another story! This doc could be my kid,hes only 2 years older than my oldest. He was pretty green when he started at our hospital but ya knew he had potential and he seemed very smart. To make a long story short we bucked heads when he started, No matter what I said or suggested he would do the opposite and then come back and do what I suggested. So one day I just confronted him in the hall and said,“Ya know what your problem is,I’m old enough to be your mother and your just a spoiled little kid who doesn’t want to do what his mother says!” This is my profession and I know a hell of alot more than you do!",My next thought was,I am so fired!,Just get your 12 years of belongings and hit the road."…I just stood there looking him head on,holding my own,He didnt say a word,just smiled at me and stepped around me and when on down the hall. Every one just looked at me and said my thoughts out loud…You are so fired!
anyway,from then on,we were best buds…he even went to bat for me over a vacation with out my knowing.!

So he walks in,before he could get anything out I just told him to sit down and listen then he could talk when I was through. I went throught the whole story the one you guys know,and I said I’m done this is it,I need more help and you know it too! He got up and left the room,My thought was here we go again,I am so fired as a patient, about 20 minutes later maybe it was longer I dont know cause I had to go pee and thought I was gonna throw up I was so nervous…He came back in.

He looked at me and gave me some papers and said you have an appointment with the endo next wed. In the mean time split your Lantus into a nite and morning dose,Keep taking the metformin which I am changing to the extended release until you go to the endo. He will take care of everything and will be doing alot of tests and get ya hooked with a diabetes counsler,By the way I am very proud of you you have lost 7 pounds since your last If ya dont need anything refilled and nothing else is wrong ,get the hell out of my office mother!
we both started laughing…he hugged me and said to come back on the friday after the endo appt.

So thanks everyone,I had gotton a little mellow in my old age and you guys gave me the courage to come back and speak up!,I was sorta a little forceful thing at one time,lol…So now…here I go,I have no idea what to expect,but finally I’m gonna kick this in the butt and get control!!!..Thanks again guys!,I love Ya!

Way to go, Debbie! You are an inspiration! Hope this gives others the courage to stand up to their doctors. We’re their CUSTOMERS & sadly we have to be firm sometimes to get the right treatment.

Keeping kicking this in the butt (& other butts) & keep us posted. Congratulations!

YaY! That’s awesome, Debbie!

You sound like my mom!! LOL She’s always talked to doctors like that! She was a Surg. Tech. for over 25 years (even tought for a couple years). Docs have just never intimidated her. She’s said it like she feels it, and just exactly how it is. And she’s pretty much always been respected for it. She also had a bad experience with a knee surgery (got a post-op staph infection), and she ended up being disabled because of it.