I’m completely fed up today! I keep going low for some unknown reason, I don’t understand the whole carb counting thing. And i’m well and truely fed up and done with this stupid thing thats controlling my life!!


Enough said!


Sorry to hear about this Becca! I hate days like that.

Anything that you did differently… more active? less carbs than usual?

Another thing that is true for me personally is that 1-2 days before I get my period, I go low all day. I am very insulin sensitive. It actually works out well for me… cause these are the days when I have strong chocolate cravings. So I manage to balance the lows with chocolate :slight_smile:

Hope that the lows stop!

Well i’m new to the carb counting thing, and I think I might be taking too much insulin, but then sometimes it’s not enough!? Ahh it’s so complicated :(. I’ve got hospital Tues so hopefully they can sort it out!?

Ahhh I could eat a whole choc cake right now!

One thing that helped me was giving insulin 10-15 minutes early. Perhaps if you give less insulin and give it earlier, you will see better numbers.

Carb counting is GREAT, but it is tough in the beginning because you need to figure out all your ratios! Things will get better!!!

make sure to keep your carbs the same, try and eat at the same time everyday, and make sure your not, for example: eating a salad for lunch one day and then eating a big pizza the next day for lunchy. Consistency is key. So is eating every 3 to 4 hours. And remember you can back off or add insulin by 2 increments, but don’t self medicate. Diabetes is like a huge math equation you need to know all the factors that effect the equation. I try and eat about 50 carbs a meal with and i eat 3 snacks a day. If you take lantus you might have to eat a snack before bedtime so that your not low when you wake up. I usually inject my medicine when i eat, so i don’t forget. Good luck!