Help! How do I pick Medicare provider

Has anyone used a broker? I’m researching, and this is all very confusing. We are moving to Utah before the end of the year. My husband and I both turn 65 next spring. We’re looking at Advantage and MediGap plans. I’m on a T-Slim with Dexcom system. I understand that the pump, CGM, and insulin can be covered under Part B. Thanks for any help you can give me.

Just be warned, different advantage plans cover your diabetic supplies differently or with different costs. Pros and cons to them. I would look at what you use that’s expensive and what the coverage is for that. I hope people pop in with their companies and how much they like them, pros and cons. What to look for. It seems like it’s not an easy task.

We got lucky because my husbands past employer insurance automatically switched to a Medigap type policy when we went on Medicare. But it was like pulling teeth to find out what that coverage exactly was beforehand.

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I found this on Google:

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Make sure you understand possible pre-existing clause for Medigap that may apply depending on when you sign up for it.


Try your agency on aging ,they have people trained to assist . Nancy50

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I’ve been on Medicare advantage plans for ten years and most plans either use benefit for DME which has a 30% patient responsibility under advantage plans or they process through pharmacy benefit which My G6 went under pharmacy coverage. For 2021 I chose to go on a straight Medicare with AARP supplemental through United Healthcare. Dexcom G6 went through Walgreens pharmacy and I paid 5% of cost bc I’m in catastrophic coverage. I don’t know what I will pay yet. Dexcom told me to call them when I had ID for supplemental. I used a broker that I’ve known for 20 years. She only does NY n NJ n CT

I have been on Kaiser Permanente for 25 years. They have a Medicare program that seems to work for the people who I know who are that old.
I’ll likely move to it when I’m 64. That’s 9 years away so things might change.

My advice is to get the best plan you can. We used a broker but my research, considering my needs, was better than the broker’s. This is an expensive disease and if you don’t get the best coverage now you may not find anyone who will accept you when you need better coverage. I did not go with the advantage plan because I didn’t like the limitations and figuring them out. Just my 2 cents worth.