Medicare plan d

I am trying to select a Medicare plan d and need to know which plans include Dexcom g6 and insulin coverage. I am in the east Texas Tyler area if that is needed.

Insulin and CGM’s are covered under Medicare part B

Insulin is under Medicare part B if you are on a pump, under Part D if you are MDI (multiple daily injections). What is really important is not only what plans cover insulin if under part D but the total cost of the plan+copays should be lower than insulin on self pay. Also certain companies that are under the Beta $35 per month Medicare plan often have several plans some of which have the $35 option while others do not. Different part D insulin $35/month plans also cover only specific insulins in their formulary so you need to make sure the plan you select carries the insulin you want.

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I should have mentioned the pump requirement -

The question was which plan d covers multiple injection insulin, not that some plans cover I’m trying to find which plan I can buy. I will decide if costs are reasonable.

Historically I have found WellCare and AARP plans which are through United to be the best but you should really go online to Find a Medicare plan
and/or AARP and put in your ZipCode and see what all the current available plans are as they change/modify so often.


I go to Put my info in. I use the option that includes premium and drug costs. I skip over the option of setting up an account. Then I compare plans. I do this every enrollment period prices change from year to year.

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If you need help call your Agency on Aging,they have people trained to help. Good luck. Nancy50

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There are so many variables, which is why you won’t get a pat answer. Where you live, does your employer, past or present offer a plan, do you want a medigap plan with medicare or a advantage plan. It’s not easy really. You have to try to figure out what you want most out of which plan.

We still paid for insurance after my husband retired and had the benefit of that insurance turning into a medigap type policy with medicare. Almost no costs with it except for a copay on drugs.

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