Help! ..Im confused a type 2 diabetic on insulin and metformin...iam new to diabetes and how it works...i checked my blood sugar jus now and its 278!..i feel like crap...Someone told me that reading is NORMAL???...WHAT ARE GOOD AND BAD READINGS for someone like me?...PLZ HELP! really confused.

Welcome. You probably feel like cr*p because your blood sugar is high. A “normal” blood sugar is typically 70-120 mg/dl. Usually, when a non-diabetic is fasting their blood sugar will be about 80 mg/dl, After a non-diabetic eats, their blood sugar will go up a bit, perhaps 120-140 mg/dl, but it will come back down to 80 pretty quick. There is a lot of information on the web site on Don’t worry, I know that it can a lot to deal with when you are first diagnosed. Everything will be ok. You will learn better ways to eat, your medication will work and you will feel better.

Oh, and did I say “welcome?”

Diabetes management is about reaching glucose goals. While each of us has our own individual goals, however generally speaking we are looking for the following. AM fasting under 110, before meals 80-120, 2 hours after meal 140. This doesn’t mean I beat myself up for being at 147 2 hours after a meal or 118 fasting. These are targets and some days I just don’t make them. In the begining of management BG can be irratic until we figure out the dirty details. Even after all these years I still get it wrong on occasion.

Research, ask questions and learn how your body reacts to food and insulin. Make adjustments as neccessary and try to relax.

Hi Marcella
Did you wait for 2 hours after eating to take your reading? That is a high reading. The best thing if you can is go for a walk or some kind of exersise will bring the reading down. hope your doing better Bruce

I was just thinking that maybe you’re on long acting insulin. If you’ve been on metformin for while and your 278 is what’s happening after meals frequently, you may need more treatment than metformin. You may need a short acting insulin for use with meals. Keep a good record and schedule a date with your endo if that’s happening often.
You’re asking the right questions.