2-hour readings higher?

Dear All,
Why would a reading taken 2 hours after a meal be higher than the reading taken an hour after? Has this happened to anyone? This after a meal low in carbs, of the sort that has produced more reasonable readings the week before. 1-hour reading 140, two-hour reading 178??

If there’s a lot of protein or fat, I think those take can take a bit longer to digest? It may also be an indication that your basal insulin is not quite adequate? One other possibility is that if the meal was large enough so your dose was > 7U of insulin, shots > 7U of insulin take longer to be absorbed because of the fluid dynamics, in which case the insulin may work later?

Thanks! Its just that I’m a T2, and watching the balance of meals VERY carefully, and this reading has confused me. I haven’t been monitoring my sugars this closely for very long, and am not sure if this is normal.
ah well.

If you aren’t taking insulin, I’m not sure it would just mean you need more meds or other meds? I think I’ve read here that stuff like Metformin has like a 500 mg option and 1000 mg so there may not be a perfect dosing that you can do? For me, “normal” = normal people w/o diabetes to aim for but insulin perhaps makes it easier for me to hit that target? Sorry I am totally clueless about T2 however I know there are quite a few people here who will be able to help!

My usual peak readings are 1 hour after, and I read on Bloodsugar101 that a good goal was 1-hour readings under 140, and 2-hour ones under 120. So was wondering why today’s reading was higher after 2 hours. sometimes D seems like a second full-time job! Or perhaps I’m crossing the border into paranoia!

It’s a more than full-time job as your job is only some hours/ day whereas diabetes is 24-7-365. Yuck.