Help...I'm puzzled

Last night for dinner I had pork in beans, hot dogs and a small snack sack of cheetos.
All together my meal was about 40 carbs. I gave myself insulin (2.5units), I went ran a 1/2 mile and walked a 1/2 mile. Can anyone help me figure out why in the heck my bg’s was still 170 after all of that??? I know our bodies are alot different and sometimes food can do certain things but what happened here??? Before dinner my Bg’s were 99…help… I am puzzled

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Most likely the fat and the protein in the pork and the hot dogs did their job.

Check out this video so you can see what may have happened:


OMG, I didn’t think about the fat or protein. Thank you, you explained alot. I have a f/up w/ the endo today. I will ask him to help me set my PDA for high fat and protein meals. I was puzzled last night.


Besides what Manny mentions . . .

Maybe you under-counted the carbs? 40 carbs seemed a little low to me, unless you had very small portions, so I checked a few things. For instance, 1/2 cup of Van Camp’s beans and bacon is 32g carbs and 1 oz (32 pieces) of Cheetos is 19g carbs. This is all from the nutrition labels. That’s 61 carbs for half a can of pork and beans and a hand full of cheetos.

I don’t know if you estimated your carbs or took them from the label, though. Counting carbs is a tricky art form. I am a habitual under-counter and, unless I have a label or reference for every item on my plate, I have started to bump my estimates up by one unit and have experienced better control and no lows.

One great resource if you have a PDA is the USDA Nutirent database available on-line at Since I always have my PDA/phone with me, I have nutritional info available all the time.

The next trick is learning to accurately estimated portion sizes . . .

It never ends.

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My guess is the slow release of glucose from the beans. Beans have a low glycemic index and a lot of fiber, so the glucose released from them takes a while to impact your blood sugar. It likely took you around 10 - 15 to finish the mile, so the beans were probably fully digested afterwards.

As Terry says it never ends and it is never an exact science from day to day. Just rememeber not all carbs are created equal…for me, if I just smell potatos in the other room, my blood sugar rises…(I’m kidding but you get my point). It’s best to experiment and take note of how different foods affect YOUR diabetes. Best of luck!

I doubt it was the protein, as protein does not raise blood sugar unless it is a significant amount. However, I agree that you probably underbolused for the meal. Beans can have up to 60 grams of carbs depending on how much you ate, a hot dog bun is 15 grams, and a Cheeto pack is probably also 15. Depending on how many hot dogs and how big a serving you had of beans, you definitely had more than 40 grams of carbs.

Also, insulin takes awhile to work, and so depending on when you tested, your insulin might still be working on bring your blood sugar levels back down… it’s called a postprandial high and they are very common. It’s why Symlin has become so popular with people, it helps to reduce that spike after a meal. Sugar is absorbed into the blood stream much faster than insulin can work, which is why there are a lot of highs after a meal.

Thank you all for helping me solve this issue:) I am glad I didn’t have bread w/ my meal:) I never have pork&beans w/ hot dog’s w/ the bun…:slight_smile: I think I miscalculated the beans…lol I am new to this whole insulin thing and pump (pod).

Thank you! I added the calorie king to my iphone. I am going to add the link you provided as well.

New link to the database:

It’s downloadable for your PC and in two flavors for handhelds - Windows PC and Palm.


Boy! You guys are so lucky!!! I am allowed to take my insulin (humalog) only if I’m over 120 and then only 2 units “before” I eat. If I ate that… my number would have been closer to 275 -350! I’m not allowed to take insulin “after” meals if I’m high.
Now, it doesn’t matter… I’m no longer with insurance and not under dr care. So the insulin sits in the fridge… I"m also down to buying my own test strips when we can afford them. I’ve a hundred or so strips for now. I’m not gonna test before all my meals… if I feel good. I’ll start testing more on a base of if I feel "different than "normal."
Hang in there! This is definitely the best place to learn:)