Update and Question

So… a few weeks ago I posted a blog called “Time To Change” and well I have been trying hard… I’ve tested before almost everything I eat and have been taking my insulin like a good girl, BUT… my numbers have still been kinda high… for instance when I woke up on Tuesday tested 256, then I went to breakfast and ate the same thing I always do (two biscuits w/ gravy, a muffin, and some fruit) I shot for what I ate and then went to class… at 12 I tested for lunch and it was 293 (how can it go up?) and I went to lunch. I don’t remember what I ate but I shot for it and then went to class again… at 5 I tested for dinner and it was 159… I don’t inderstand… Is there sugar left over in my body from when I was a bad diabetic? I’m so cunfused by this…

Nope there is starch and fruit sugars and sugar in all that you eat, and thats what lingers, how come you aren’t cutting out the starches/carbs? Your BS would be under much better control.

I don’t know what else to say,go Low carb and your numbers will fall~~~

Good work! Your BG is not leftover from the past (unless ou never, ever corrected highs or had better readings).

Your insulin:carb ratio isn’t right to have highs like that & I’m afraid neither is your basal to have 256 fasting. Just taking insulin isn’t enough if your not taking enough to cover meals. You need to readjust your doses. Ratios change over time & we’re all perpetually fine tuning. Most people have different ratios for different meals because insulin sensitivity changes during the day. Mornings tend to be a time of carb sensiivity/insulin resistance. Lunch when people are more active usually requires less insulin. Dinner can also be when more insulin is needed as our bodies are winding down & less active.

You’re eating high carb meaks & that’s not helping. How many carbs in your breakfast of two biscuits, gravy & fruit? That’s all carbs & fat & no protein.

It’s really hard to eat things with very little carbs because I am a college student and all I have is the dining hall… They don’t really have low carb options unless you count eggs and bacon… :confused: but on a positive note my blood sugar was only 179 when I woke up this afternoon (I love Saturdays) and 91 when I tested for dinner… :slight_smile:

What the dining hall serves or not is not a good excuse for not taking care of yourself. Eggs and bacon are quite excellently low-carb. If there is a salad bar, indulge in salad vegetables and any chopped turkey, eggs, lunch meat, etc. Buy yourself some bags or containers of nuts or beef jerky to carry around with you for snacks. When there wasn’t a plain cooked vegetable when I was eating in the dining hall in college, I used to take a salad bar bowl, put in broccoli and a little bit of water, invert another salad bowl over the top of it (they were heavy-duty plastic) and used the dining hall microwave to steam the broccoli. You are limited only by your own creativity.

It is hard when you depend on meal made for someone else. Can you buy any of your meals at all?

Two biscuits, a muffin and fruit… That is a LOT of carbs and sugar. If you didn’t test 2 hours after, I bet it was higher than 293. Everyone is different - you might be higher later after having all those carbs than other people might be higher earlier. It takes a diabetic body a while to deal with all that. I had a bad craving for a bagel today and I only had half of it and 3 hours later at 157. ugh. And it was probably only around 25 carbs (of course I probably shouldn’t have gotten that Starbucks latte with it …bad me). It has been over a year since I had a bagel though!

Like others are saying avoid those “bready” thing (biscuits, muffins etc) and go for whatever they have that is low carb (meat has no carbs). If you can’t control your carby cravings, eat as small portions as possible. Unfortunatley, we diabetics can’t pig out on carbs anymore. :frowning: Small portion of either biscuit, muffin OR fruit (at all of them) and combine with some protein and fat and I bet you will do a lot better. It takes a while to fight those carb craving but you can do it. Even a small bit can satisfy them and longer you do it the easier it will get. Plus you will feel better when you have lower numbers and you will feel proud and good that you are succeeding. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget hormones and such can effect the numbers too - so any school stress, female stuff etc can through those numbers off. But yeah, that high carb breakfast is NOT going to give you good numbers. Good luck!

thanks guys… :slight_smile: this is why I’m so glad I found this website… It’s difficult when the only diabetic you have to talk to is your grandfather (who is going blind in one eye the other is glass due to diabetes) and your gram (who is type 2) I really enjoy having other peoples opinions and advice… I’m totally gonna change my usual breakfasy on Monday (because I probably won’t wake up before 11 tomorrow and breakfast closes at 9:30 on the weekends)… <3

Way to go! Stick to protein & low carb veggies. You’ll feel so much better.

I find I always spike before I go down. Perhaps cut out the muffin and fruit contains sugars in the form of fructose. Are you from the US? I was there a few weeks ago and I found that the bread contains a lot of sugar in the form of corn syrup which caused me some problems, but it would go down eventually.

I do not think that your sugar is still left over from being a “bad” diabetic. There is no such thing as “bad”, just uncontrolled, for whatever reason. Even what you ate the day before can affect your blood sugars the next day or so.

Congratulations on turning yourself around. It is hard I know. Keep at it and you should get there. I know it is a bummer.

yeah… I’m in North Carolina… and of course American food has more sugar and is fattier… have you seen the size of us? It’s ridiculous… I can’t wait until I study abroad in Finland so I can eat food that isn’t loaded up with ridiculous preservatives and flavorings… <3

I am really happy for you. It is so important as some who has diabetes to take charge, figure out how to take good care of yourself and actually do it. I think you may be surprised at what you can do with things like your diet even with having to eat at a dining hall. Did you realize that almost all dining halls will go out of their way to make special accomodations for your needs? Have you asked? My daughter is the same age as you and at her school she even has a nutritionist she can consult with. I have another friend your age at a another school who is T1 and Celiac and the dining hall has gone out of their way to help her.

Probably the hardest part is counting your carbs and this is where you can probably make the biggest difference. Many people on insulin find that the lower and more precise you can make the counted carbs, the better you can exactly match your insulin and the better your blood sugar control. My daughter’s school posts nutrition info on the meals served every day. Does your schoool do the same?

I’m really glad you are here, I expect in the coming weeks and months we are going to hear that you are doing great.

my school doesn’t post info about their nutrition facts. you think they would because it’s an all girls school… I have the calorie king book to look up my carbs…