HELP! in trouble at school cuz of diabetes!

Ok so this is a long story...sorry :)

Friday after school my blood sugar was high. I wasnt acting right and staggering. I was in PE, and the gym has 2 levels. All of the coaches were downstairs while my friends Kelly and Mindy were upstairs with me. Kelly walked me up to the nurses office to make sure I was alright. The gym is detached from the main building, so in order to get to the main building, you have to go up 2 flights of stairs and youll enter on the upper level of the school (its built on a hill...its weird). Then you have to go down another flight of stairs to get to the nurses office. So Kelly walked me all that way. Mindy stayed right outside the gym at the bottom of the first stairs to make sure we made it.

This morning during 1st period all 3 of us were called to Coach Byrds office. Being called there is never good, because he's the disciplinary person of the school. It turns out that all 3 of us had gotten wrote up for AWOL by Coach Adcock (with whom Ive had a few problems before).

Now, I do have a 504 plan that states that if I cant get to a teacher, Im allowed to go AWOL to the nurse and take some one with me. So none of us should have gotten wrote up. I explained this to Coach Byrd and he tore up my write up slip. As for Kelly and Mindy, he gave them afternoon detention tomorrow. He said he didnt see the point of tearing theirs up.

This infuriates me! This school has the nerve to play with my LIFE?! And as I said before, Ive had problems with Coach Adcock before. Last year she wrote me and Kelly up for leaving the gym early. Everyone leaves early so we can get to our next class on time. If we dont leave early, we end up late to our next class. So its get wrote up for leaving early, or get wrote up for being late too many times. Lose-lose situation if you ask me. So anyway, Kelly and I left with everyone else and somehow we were the only ones that got into trouble for it. The first time she wrote us up, nothing happened. So she wrote us up again, and told us (and I quote) "I'll make sure you get in trouble this time." (who thinks she still needs to be a teacher?)

The other time I had problems with her was this year. She kept locking the locker room. Its a small school, so I leave my insulin kit in the locker room. I know all the girls in my class and they all know what the kit is and not to bother it. A girl in middle school had hers stolen, so Im not leaving it out in the gym where everyone can see it and go through it when I'm not looking. Thatd be stupid. So anyway, I leave it in the locker room and go in there to test when I need to. I went to test one day because I felt low. It was locked. Not a gym coach in sight (they wander off frequiently as well.). I had no choice but to wait til the end of the period when they sent a boy (who has a history of hitting the girls in my class) to unlock it. My mom called up to the school, but nothing happened. Im still having problems with that.

Plus Coach Adcock has a history of picking on my older cousin Krista. They used to ride the bus together when they were in elementary school. Coach Adcock would pick on Krista on the bus every day until Krista's older cousin Stacy came and told her she was going to get punched in the face if she didnt leave Krista alone. I look just like Krista, so it doesnt take a genius to figure out we're family. We look more like sisters than cousins. I think this has something to do with Coach Adcock hating me, because she's never been nice to me a day in her life, even last year the first day we met.

I told my mom about the 3 write ups today after school. She is still absolutely LIVID! She said she was going up to the school (instead of calling) to raise hell.

Personally, I think we should get Coach Adcock fired. She's just not a good coach. Im not even in her class this year (neither is Kelly or Mindy), I'm in Coach Paiges class. Actually, he's not a good coach either. He likes to call the kids "jackass" which is inappropriate for a teacher to be calling his students.

Anyone have any advice on what I should say to these semi-stupid coaches?

Ok then Tom. Couldnt the school get in trouble for breaking the 504 plan in the first place?

From what it sounds like, they did violate the 504 plan, and they are potentially in trouble. Tom’s right, this is something your mom has to handle with the proper parties. If she’s livid, she’s probably going to work on taking care of it. I’m so sorry these teachers are giving you grief… Some people should never become teachers… They are just not mature enough, and have no people skills, let alone kids or teenager skills.

What an infuriating experience. Chances are the principal has prior complaints about your coach. It takes a certain number of complaints for disciplinary action.

Definitely have your mother schedule a meeting with you present, the coach & the principal. If you don’t get satisifaction from this meeting, your mother can contact the school board.

Mom is going to have a meeting with Coach Byrd, my PE teacher Coach Paige, and Coach Welch. Mindys mom is going with her. She’s going to try and have me present too.
thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

Great! Let us know what happens.

Some thoughts from a former central office administrator.

First, I would not mess with the coaches. i woudl call a 504 case conference. no need to beat your head with eh coaches, get the district 504 administrator int eh room. Now, as for the two other girls, I think that it is acceptable that both girls be in trouble. My sense is that the school has to enforce the one escort exception. One means one, not two and if two were to go I think that at least one of them should have had the responsibility to inform the coach of the departure of the party. Remember teahcers are completely responisible for knowing where their students are and if they leave the teachers do nto know.

Now the issue of the insulin is very interesting. I have worked with more than 20 schools and I do not a single one that condones young diabetics having syringes in the school. I suggest that the rule should be all insulin is dispensed in the office area period. Allowing you to carry syringes and testing supplies means that the school is absolutely in danger of multiple issues and law suits.

Now on your side of the ledger you must be allowed to leave class anytime you wish to test or give insulin. The teachers have to allow that unless you become a disruption. That and insulin and needle security is the reason for the 504 conference.

i see fault on both sides and in some respects more on the school, but no doubt this si not entirely one sided. I hope your solution is to reach a workable accommodation, it is true your mom should fight this fight, but in the end the day to day is going to be on .you and you have ot get a workable solution.

Do let us know what happens

rick phillips

Ok, I will! :slight_smile:

There will always be some moron in the mix, of otherwise fairly intelligent people.

Having problems with ANY teacher needs written down, so that you leave a “paper trail” which shows the steps you took and the response(s) those steps received…

You need to make a written complaint against the coach if you want to protect your friends. It needs to be sent to your guidence counselor, the NURSE and other administrators at the school on lots of different levels. The coach will become your enemy, but it sounds like she already is so…

You also MUST keep in mind, you can politely refuse an “instruction” from any teacher if you health or safety are in question! It will require you to stand up to an adult and not waiver, or be swayed in the least by their rage caused by your refusal…

Your best approach MAY be the nurse’s office. They both walked me all the while trying to find YOU who could not be found anywhere during the medical emergency/problem. One came the least way possible still trying to find you, the other walked me the whole way as per my 504 plan.

Talk straight with the nurse, look, I came I brought Kelly all the way, Mindy part of the way because I was not sure i would make it… now they are both got detention because I needed them. Can you talk to the coach? I am not using you, he is abusing his authority, and causing unacceptable problems for two friends who helped me get here.

Consider that approach?

So mom talked to Coach Byrd today…Did not go well. He was believing every little lie Coach Adcock had told him about us. For example, we’ve been leaving early every day this year. Not true. He’s made up his mind that him and Adcock are right and we’re wrong, even though theyre the ones breaking the law by ignoring the 504. Mom is calling another meeting between me, her, Coach Byrd, Coach Paige, Coach Adcock, and the principal Mr Earnest tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, and I asked Adcock why Kelly was wrote up. She said because she couldnt catch Kelly leaving early before. So Kelly is being punished for something that never happened.

Im REALLY mad at the school. I’d like to get Coach Adcock fired.

Not surprising at all the coaches closed rank to protect each other. Hope the next meeting is more productive, but don’t count on it. Rick’s advice is sound. Get the district’s 504 administrator involved.

Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking… the 504 administrator needs involved.

thanks guys. ill let you know what happens tomorrow.
and Mindy just texted me. apparently Coach Byrd never showed up for detention and now he’ll probly give them ISS for missing detention, even though they went. He’s the one that didnt go.
I really dont like my school very much. never have, never will.

You can also go to the school board and present your situation. Do they allow someone with crutches in the gym? Do they let people eat with a fork and spoon in the cafeteria?

If any answer is yes, the they need to understand that T1D is no different than being on crutches for the rest of you life. All the tools needed to manage T1D are no less necessary than having breathable air. Taking away a pump as you described is nothing less than assault.

Maybe call the police next time the pump gets taken or the infusion site is ripped out and file assault charges against the coach if you do not get support from the school administration or board.

Hey S Woodward,
My pump wasnt taken away from me, my blood sugar just shot up for no real reason. The coaches got mad when we went to go get help from the nurse, so they wrote us up and 2 of my friends got detention yesterday for helping me. We didnt tell the coaches we were leaving because we didnt have time to go all the way back down the stairs and across the gym to tell them, and besides its in my 504 that I’m allowed to go AWOL and take friends with me if I cant get to a teacher in time.
These same coaches were picking on me last year too. We just ignored it last year, but this year we’re all fed up with it, including my parents.
If this meeting today gets us nowhere, I’ll probly do like you said and go to the school board.
Thanks for the help.

No matter how much you dislike a coach and the super coach, keep mum about how much you want to see them fired.
I know you may want this very much, but there are more reasons it won’t happen than reasons it will.
Think of this as a legal operation in which you say little, you say what your rights are, you keep to the point of the 504 being upheld.
Surmounting emotions in school is probably the most important learning objective. Keeping it level headed is important to you and your outcome. Stress raises blood glucose.
As each incident arises with coaches, teachers, & administrators, show you are capable of controlling your emotions and sticking to the point using rationality and you’ll win! Write out the points you need to make before you are in a meeting.

so my mom contacted the principal. he told her that Kelly and Mindy are none of her concern. now Mindys dad and Kellys mom are supposed to have gone up to the school today and they are as mad as me.

I’m coming at this as a teacher. Here’s my problems –

First, a 504 is a legal document. Compliance is not optional. I am mortified that a teacher would disregard this document and what is outlined. Get the 504 administration and report problems.

Next, I’m there for my kids/students. If I ever error in judgement, may it always be in their favor. Frankly in an emergency situation my kids are trained - one stays with the sick, two go for help. That’s procedure. If I send someone to the office, someone always escorts, I call the office on my cell for ok arrival. I also would tell you what I tell my kids, if in doubt (two kids felt needed to escort) then as soon as you get to the nurses’ office, go directly to the vice principal and tell them what happened and why - be proactive. Especially if there is a safety issue caused by the weird layout of the building. Why were the three of you ??? separated from the group without adult supervision? That’s a no-no in my school. An adult should have been in the room. We are not allowed to have students unsupervised/alone during any activity. An adult should have been with you, you tell them you are going to nurse = no problem. Didn’t Mandy after watching you go half way (she didn’t go to office? right?) go back to gym and tell teachers?

If a teacher says “there is a history of flicking or leaving early” they better be able to document it. I had a teacher pull that one on one of my children and called them on it. If it happened and you didn’t write it up, shame on you it didn’t happen. Documentation is everything. And they had better be specific with their dates and write ups. You can’t just say “they are always late”. You have to say, “they were late 4/2, 4/3 and 4/4 and here is the conduct report.” I have the late for class issue with my 7th graders. It takes two teachers to deal with the problem of not enough time to get to class. If the coach made the arrangement to let you out early every day, the teacher you go to probably knows about the problem and the solution. Maybe they can back you up on the issue. My 5th period was always late from recess, the monitor now lets them back in the building a few minutes early = issue solved, both of us are aware of the arrangement.

In our school, students are allowed to keep their testing supplies on them but insulin is kept in the nurses’ fridge. Now, our school is small enough that the distance is not a safety issue. Do you carry your insulin because of school size? If its in your 504 to carry both, then you stand up for yourself honey and they can’t lock that room on you. Do you also have on you snacks or other supplies? It is the teacher’s responsibility to know of all allergy kits or other emergency/health kits in the room for safety reasons. I personally have to carry a glucagon “gun” and would be upset if locked away from it. Defeats the purpose. This is probably another 504 issue. If this isn’t written into your 504, remember that in your revision. They are again in violation.

If a teacher doesn’t show up for a detention, you go straight to the office and report the problem immediately. Let the office work for you. “He said - she said” always gets ugly. I hope they didn’t just walk away and say ‘Oh, well’.

Good Luck with dealing with these problems. I hope this helps in some way. The first error in judgement was a small group of girls unsupervised in a side gym. That wasn’t your fault. After that it seems like a 504 violation nightmare. I hope it all works out.

Hey Marcia!
You asked “Why were the three of you ??? separated from the group without adult supervision?” Well, the gym teachers just dont care. Most days they come out of their offices to take attendance, and go back in and we never see them again. The only days that doesnt happen is when they take us outside to play, but of course Principal Earnest wont believe that. (we’ve tried to tell him before)
When the teacher said there was a history of leaving early, she had absolutely NO documentation! Apparently, Principal Earnest doesnt care about that either. He’s too set on punishing Kelly and Mindy.
I keep all of my supplies on me, including insulin. I also have back up insulin in the nurses fridge. It is in my 504 to carry both. Just recently, my gym coach (which is a guy, and not a very likable one at that) said for me to keep it in his office and test in there when I need to. Not going to happen. I dont feel safe that way.
Kelly and Mindy have never had a teacher not show up for detention, so they werent sure what they were supposed to do. I think they stayed in the conference room where Coach Byrd had told them to, and then one of the people that work in the office found them and took them back to the office with her. So somebody at the school had deffinetly seen that Coach Byrd did not show up.
Thanks for all the help!

Its so unbelievable to me that students can be left alone. That is rule one at our school. That’s about student safety. That’s when problems happen, that’s why teachers walk the halls. The school principal may not be bothered by it but the administration/school lawyers would probably turn purple. that is so wrong. Personally, I would make that part of the issue –

No documentation means it didn’t happen. They start making general term claims you absolutely do not put up with that. You can’t just go to the past and throw around accusations to try to discredit someone. We are absolutely not permitted to do that. Tell them to name that date that you can respond to.

Thank goodness the office people found them. Unfortunately, you have to document and the only way to do it is through an adult. Problem? go to the office and get someone’s attention. I’ve told this to my own kids often enough. If you are upset, politely excuse yourself and go straight to authority/office.

The more I hear, the more upset I am. I hope your mom (and Kelly & Mindy’s parents) nail them to the wall. Not all teachers are this unprofessional.