HELP! in trouble at school cuz of diabetes!

Hey Marcia!

So today was worse. A couple days ago, they sent Mindy and Kelly to the library for 6th period, leaving me alone. Then yesterday when they went back down to the gym, Adcock yelled at them and told them theyre banned from the gym. Permanently. On their way up to the library they saw Mindys drivers ed coach, Coach Baxter, who proceeded to yell at them and tell them that Mindys just ditching driving every day to cause Adcock problems.
Today in the library, the decided that taking Mindy and Kelly away from me isnt enough. They forced Kelly and Mindy to opposite sides of the library.

Oh, Brandi. That’s awful. So sorry to hear of their childish & unprofessional behavior. Truly is ridiculous & unacceptable. Hope you’re writing all this down as documentation.

no matter how ridiculous it may be, in their eyes theyve done nothing wrong.

Stay on your best behavior. Don’t give these coaches any ammunition to do anything else questionable to you even though you may be correct. I am not saying you deserve the treatment you received but is there any way you can alter your food and meds. to where you won’t have any low’s during this gym class? Perhaps having some fruit in a plastic bag before going to class? I am not a type 1 so I don’t know how this will ultimately affect you. Yes you shouldn’t have to do this but it may take a long time to get this resolved. So it is good to think of something practical in the mean time. Write about your experiences and submit it to the newspaper or a young adult publication (if they still have them).

Have you Mother call your state representative, local Councilman, Alderman, or what ever you call them in your state. This is harassment on a disabled person. Otherwise call the local eye witness news. Since Diabetes has gotten some notoriety in the national level this could be a news item of discrimination. The bad publicity alone could be enough to get things changed. I know in the state of California diabetics are considered persons with a disability and are covered under the disability act. Have your mother explain the situation to them. I am not sure exactly what a 504 plan is but make sure you have read it completely. I know here they are suppose to vote on a Bill to allow insulin to be administered in the schools in CA. Learn your rights! Don’t let this deter you. The best revenge is always success in life.

Keep us posted.

You really need to say focused on your main goal of ensuring that your school is a safe environment in which you can manage your diabetes. Everything else is secondary. Now would be a good time for you to review your 504 and ensure it is adequate for achieving this goal. If anything happens that is contrary to your 504, be sure to document it and perhaps be prepared to have witnesses to corroborate your documentation. Adding personality conflicts to this documentation may reduce your chance of success in achieving your main goal.

Sometimes you’ve got to be more adult than the adults. But since the adults have the power, you need to be very, very cautious.

As said before the 504 plan is a legal document. Read it, learn it, memorize it, carry a copy with you, know it backwards and forwards. Be prepared to recite the pertinent parts if necessary.

Do not fight the coaches or teachers on their turf - in the gym or the classroom. You cannot win. You can state your position and the requirements of the 504 plan, but unless they demand you do something unsafe, do what they say and do it without a scene.

But document everything. Dates, times, conversations, who was there. Don’t give your documents to anyone. Give them copies.

Make your complaints to the administrators, and don’t be smug if they take your side. Be a good sport about it, shake the teacher/coach’s hand (no matter how big an ass they may be) thank them for participating and tell them how much you look forward to being in their class. Do NOT gloat or brag about getting your way over a teacher or coach - in other words, don’t rub their faces in it.

I’m serious. Be more adult than the adults. Even though you may have every right to be ticked off and scream ‘unfair’, it has not affect for one reason - teenagers are always ticked off and think everything is unfair as far as adults are concerned. So when things really ARE unfair - it’s hard for the adults to see it. In addition, keep in mind that things often really are unfair even for adults. Many adults take the attitude that “I have to deal with unfair crap all the time, so what are YOU complaining about?”

I don’t mean for this to come across as a lecture - more as a field guide to adults.

Emotional responses lead to emotional results. Practical responses get practical results.

Good luck


Hello Brandi:

Apparently your principal forgets they are speaking with another adult,. Parents cannot be ordered around like staff does/will with their children.

Fight, but without emotion… Sigh…

Where do things stand? Just folowing up…


Hey Stuart,
I think after spring break it kinda simmered down a little bit. The coaches and I tend to just stay out of eachothers way now. Kelly and Mindy are still stuck in the library though. Personally, Id rather be up there with them. They were my only friends in that class. I know the other kids, we’re just not friends.
Thanks for checking :slight_smile: