HELP! Looking for Doctor near Kansas City MO

I’m desperate and need to find a new doctor near KC, MO who is good with thryoid and diabetes type 1 also.
I’m a very TOUGH case.

Looking for a doctor who can work with me as an individual, readily prescribes Armour (dissected pig thyroid) doses not only by blood reference ranges but also by symptoms, who can work with minimed insulin pumps, knows how to work with athletes, has an incredible understanding of pituitary, hypothalamus, adrenal, thyroid relationship, can work with natural/integrative/holistic approaches.

if anyone can point me in a direction it would be a HUGE help.

thank you so much

I live in the KC area and I see a doc at the Cray Diabetes Center at KU Med. I don’t know of her expertise with thyroid issues, but I do like her. She doesn’t rush thru appointments and takes the time to answer questions. Drop me an email and I’ll get you more details

Thanks so much scottk- anyone else have ideas?