Help? My hummus is too thick

ummm… I made a boo-boo this time and it is too thick.
Here is what I blended in my food processor:
2 cans drained/rinsed chickpeas
1/4 cup of Sesame seed butter ( ground myself)
1/2 cup of jalapeno’s
Garlic powder
Ground Cumin
Ground Cardamom
ummm a few tablespoons of flaxseed. ( I was trying to hide it in something for extra fiber. I think it is why my hummus is too thick.)
ugh! What can I do to keep the taste and thin it out?
I like to use it as a dip for slices of cucumber or other
Thanks for any help you can pass my way.

Dear Meadowlark,

Re: Hummus

I would either add some water or virgin olive oil. Note that olive oil will change taste slightly, it’s good though!!! I think I’ll have to try your recipe myself…sounds very good


It made me very nausious. Be sure to eat as directions stated. Medical side effects regarding nausia are common. I had to stop taking it and I changed to a very low carb diet… losing some weight and sugars are much more in control with low carb… I started taking Lantus and use insulin as needed. I am not on the pump.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


-Meadowlark, did you get this recipe worked out? What was the final result. It looks wonderful.:slight_smile:

I ended up adding more Sesame Seed Butter and some water to thin it out. :slight_smile: It still turned out good and the extra fiber is definitely helpful in lowering my numbers:)

As a sweet treat, I made a hummus using the following as a dip for Apple slices, strawberries. ( I had to hide it in the fridge from the kids!

2 cans drained chickpeas
1/2 cup of sesame butter
1/4 cup of fresh ground almonds. ( I soak the almonds over night. Drain and rinse really well.)
Add just enough water to thin it to a nice dip consistency.
HIDE FROM KIDS! LOL! It really does taste good.
Dip with apple,cucumber,cauliflower,brocolli,carrots,celery or anything else you like:)
Remember serving size! I only bought some cute little,white dipping cups from Walmart that hold about 2 Tablespoons.
This recipe is great for protein,low carb, very low sugar and great fiber!

How do you prepare the jalapenos? Do you put them in the blender or what?..I don’t usually eat jalapenos…ever, but thought that I would try them in this. :slight_smile:

sigh… .Jalapenos are my one huge cheat. I buy them in a huge jar at Walmart. Then, I just add them in to my food processor and taste til I get the spicy level that I want:)

By the way, you can try chickpeas, a little sesame butter,fresh apple, apple pie spices into the food processor and come up with a yummy treat too!