HELP! Need an endo in SE Kentucky area

I’ve been seeing an endo at Lexington Clinic for YEARS who takes care of all my pump needs and also my thyroid stuff since I’m post-I-131 treatment on Levoxyl too. I’m required by my insurance to see a doc for my diabetes every 3 months in order to get my pump supplies. My next appointment was for Sept 17. I got a message on the 10th saying they were canceling the appointment & to call to reschedule. I call them & am given an appt for JANUARY 2011!!! Am told to have the supply place fax over “the paper work” so the nurse can extend the 3mo limit. WHAT?! That date makes me miss TWO 3mo appts. I’m stunned & don’t even think to argue that point. Hmm. So, I call pump supply company to tell them what happened, so they call the endo’s office while I’m on the phone w/them & explain to the ofc what’s going on w/me & why I need to have an appt by Sept 23rd or else I’ll be w/o my pump supplies. The nurse or whoever answered the phone said that my doc was canceling “everyone’s” appts in order to “absorb patients from two other drs who are leaving”. Wha? That doesn’t even make good sense! So the supply co. rep insists that they should get me in w/SOMEONE there so I can get my supplies & the gal gets kinda snotty & says we’ll have to talk to the receptionist but she’s sure no appts can be made by then. While we’re on hold, the supply rep & I are talking about how bizarre this is & I ask if I can see my GP will that be okay & she said yeah, so I am seeing him tomorrow (that soon mainly b/c now I have what is sounding like bronchitis!) but he is not experienced w/either the pump or the thyroid disease…
Can ANYONE help me w/ a recommendation? I live closer to I-75 exits38 or 41 if that helps, but have been driving to Lex just b/c I love my endo!
TIA for any help.

Just seeing your message. There are other endos in Lexington. Try KY Diabetes and Endocrinology.