Utah Medicaid and Insulin Pumps

I was told by my nurse practitioner that there was no way that she could get me an insulin pump. Well I did some research and found out in the providers manuel that if they contact them they can get one for me. She still doesn’t want to do anything. I had better control better when I had one but lost it when I lost my insurance. She’s only a nurse practitioner. I have to contact the Utah Diabetes Center to tell them that my Medicaid Case Worker wants me to see a regular endo instead of her. Do u think if I show the endo what I found he/she will do something? Just regular shots are not cutting it and I found out I can not take Symlin anymore. Anyone have any advice?

I’m on CalOPTIMA which is our CA equivalent if Medicaid. I would push for the Endo visit, but also, they will listen to Internists. Get seen, get the RX for the pump and refills for the supplies and let the pump companies battle the system for you. This is what they do, and they get answers better than we do.