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just changed my pump tandem x2, and while was doing it the battery charge was at 20%. Was gonna charge it right after…right after i put infusion set on, even before hitting resume insulin’, the battery went UP to 80% by itself!!! WOULD THIS SURGE GIVE A LOT OF UNWANTED INSULIN TOO/OR ANY? hOW CAN YOU TELL??? Very weird, and am concerned it could malfunctuion and GIVE insulin too by itself??! :frowning:


I would be stunned if a change in battery level could result in an “accidental” insulin delivery. However, I have no insider information.

I would call Tandem Tech support … they are open 24x7 … at 1 877 801-6901.

Stay safe!


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Nah, that wont happen.

I had a PDM failure this week while changing batteries, too. They said that’s not supposed to happen. It was Omnipod, tho.

@sweetgal88 That happened to my original Tandem X2. At first it was a weird random one off type of thing, then the frequency got closer together, then it just died. The charge indicator will become much more volatile as the problem progresses if it’s what I experienced. Tandem ended up replacing my pump under warranty.

That happened to me just a few weeks ago and Omnipod said the “capacitor” had failed. It still worked but ran through batteries like crazy so I bought a new one.

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