Help pls lada

Hi, I’m on accutane when starting fbs 75 now 95 102 105 fasting insilun 2.90 hba1c 5.28 oggt 2 hours 119 im so panic pls help

Those sound like normal numbers? What is the concern with accutane?

Do you have diabetes? Are you on any diabetes meds?

İm not diabetic my fbs Bfore accutane 75 now 95 100 105 Hba1c 5.3 and Fasting insülin 2.90 low oggt 2. Hour 120 maybe im going lada ?

I don’t see anything alarming in those numbers. Blood sugar will vary normally from day to day… and given how sloppy and inaccurate meters are, those numbers are basically normal… but by all means discuss any concerns with your doctor

Too soon to panic IMO. Speak with a doc if your numbers get out of limits,which yours don’t appear to be! Are you an anxious person by nature?

I have not seen a correlation between Accutane and BG numbers.

I also see nothing posted that would be alarming or show a potential urgent situation.

Certainly each person is an individual and the impact which various drugs have on people can have a wide variability.

As stated above, if you have concerns, you need to discuss these with either or both of your Dermatologist and your Endocrinologist. If anxiety in general is the biggest issue then certainly a Therapist may also be helpful.

It really is too early to panic. If you think the accutane is causing it? Then talk to your doctor about it. I know it’s a big change for you from 75 to 105. Did you have more than 1 fasting reading at 75? That is on the lower end. Before diabetes I always tested 100-102 fasting BG.

But people can react to medications with all sorts of symptoms. Plus I remember watching a video from a completely “normal” person eating 6 bananas at once and his blood sugar climbed way up although it went back to normal pretty quickly. But he also woke up one morning after eating pizza late the night before with a higher than normal level. He had no sugar issues but was trying different foods over days to see what happened to his blood sugars.

If you are concerned talk to your doctor.

EDIT, sorry I misread, it was fasting insulin at 2.9.
FBG range of 75 now 95 102 105…these are normal numbers and FBG does fluctuate for lots of reasons. when you see FBG over 130 or after meals 200. It’s time to see a doctor.

I’ll still leave the post for others
You are fine, it’s high numbers that mean you are diabetic, LADA etc…
You probably had a small evening meal and burned your glucose overnight, which is normal.
a female you would need to be under 45 or 2.5 to be considered as hypo. A male is under 50.

This article reports it to be safe, but has been associated with rise in BG. Controversial on whether it can cause diabetes.

Diabetes and accutane


Accutane has a warning label that would make anyone shudder. Its super long and frightening. Enough so, that I would kinda think twice about taking it for any number of reasons. I have never heard the diabetes thing before, though.

İ without accutane 3 week my bg 72 :pray: