HELP! Think I just gave myself 8 units of air instead of basal

I'm also type 1. However, I disagree that you would get life-threatening ketoacidosis as quickly as you imagine. Remember that most people go for months with diabetes before they are diagnosed, and are likely above 300 for the entire time.

I was over 600 at diagnosis, and based on my symptoms I suspect my glucose had been high for at least a month. Again, I'd say that this is very unhealthy but the chances that you die in one day from high glucose and DKA are negligible.

There are also many of us type 1s with poor control, who are consistently higher than you were. However, deaths from high glucose are very rare. Its great to be concerned about keeping BG down, being aware of high BG symptoms, calling for help when needed, having and using backup plans when a pump fails, etc., but the panic is unwarranted.

I have to echo EB's comments above. True no one wants to be high, but while a 24 hour high might be uncomfortable it is not deadly most usually. I am so glad things have worked out for you. I wish you the very best in the future.

I have to agree with the others here. I don't think you were anywhere close to dying. We could probably stop all insulin for a couple weeks and still survive. Good to be on top of things though and it sounds like you are!

Also to Eb - I've made that same mistake before myself - not a way to get a good sleep!

YES, me too I was near 500 fasting and was DKA when diagnosed and I also was late onset and after going on insulin, I still had a small amount of beta cells left and yet still went DKA. So, that's why we're taught if we're above 240 and throwing ketones to act now. I was at 240+ doing and doing corrections, if I had gone to bed that high and ended up not having any BASAL for a full 24 hours...well, I don't know. who's to say. not something i want to go through again. yes, we go high, type 1's do, but we typically correct and if on MDI's have some basal on board. that's why when we're on the pump we test, test, test to make sure we're getting insulin because there is no long acting basal on board.

I’m glad you’re being told not to panic and I agree. However, my understanding is that at diagnosis we’re often still producing insulin so we don’t always go into DKA but once we aren’t producing insulin we can go into DKA within a few hours. I know symptoms will present and it will make itself known before you just drop dead, but it’s still a valid concern. There’s a few threads on here about how long it takes for a T1 to go into DKA. Search “how long diabetic ketoacidosis”

seriously...'a couple weeks'. you're on a pump, haven't you ever had a bad pod and seen how quickly your blood sugars climb. no way a week. type 1's can go DKA very quickly if no insulin on board. even if we under bolus and eat too much we can go sky high, if we don't bring it down, nothing will.

thanks. i think DKA can happen differently for people too.

here's one of the topics.

thanks, cat..appreciate it. yeah, depends if one is honeymooning, which I am not, and still producing some insulin, which I'm not. typically within a few hours...if no insulin on board. our blood sugars would just continue to rise and rise, that's what this is. thanks for your replies and support the other night. :)

of course! I get so worked up sometimes about this stuff too and my control is nowhere near that of yours. I'm pretty stoked if my blood glucose is under 200!
Anyway, One time my pod fell off in the night and I woke up feeling super nauseous. I checked my blood sugar and realized what had happened. I think the odds are pretty good your body would let you know what was happening, so try not to worry yourself too much.

Eb, I did the exact same thing once, took 20 units of Humalog instead of Lantus in the evening, but didn't catch it and woke up in the emergency room. Glad you caught it in time.

Sarah I hope you're doing better by now. Please be careful when doing your Humalog boluses that you don't stack your insulin and go hypoglycemic. My son did that when his pump broke last summer and he ended up in the ER.

thanks, sue. yikes...switching bolus for basal, that's scary. this is the first time i really paniced. i'm not a rookie with this but no way a novice either and I really didn't know what to do. Yes, i was stackin', of course dropped too low eventually, just became a 2 hour through the night challenge. i just kept thinking, "I'm gonna get messed up here soon and I don't know what to do with no basal on board" also, it took my endo 1.5 HOURS to call me back that night. answering service was calling the wrong on-call endo, he was pissed, ha! i almost went to the ER because once I finally started droppinig I thought, oh, crap...i'm going to go way way low now then back high because I don't know if I have basal. OH well, i made it through but it's just stuff like this that makes me realize what insulin dependent type 1 diabetes is, ya know. thanks!

I always worried myself to death about whether I would survive mixing up my lantus and my novolog. Half a unit mistake with either insulin sent me into a low. Glad to know people have survived it! I went on the pump finally because of that fear

me too! i start (restart) my pump today in 2 hours...!

Hi Sarah,

When my son ended up in the ER we canceled our vacation plans and headed home. Luckily his new pump was at home and he went right on it. He had worn his old pump in the lake because he was going hypo and didn't realize what he was doing. Yes you're right, type 1 is a PITA! Hope you do ok until you're back on your pump.

thanks, sue! day 2 on pump, so far it's been great. flatlined all night long, just stayed steady. i slept 6 hours in a row, first time in a few years, no Dexcom ringing - beeping saying i was high or low...fantastic! gotta get used to all these tubes and stuff stuck to my body, dex - pump, ha!

I'll have to go read this thread bc I'm pretty curious. I've only been in dka once and it took me several days to get there and I was very symptomatic. Sadly, I just didn't know what the symptoms were. And it started out as food poisoning, so all of us who at that meal were yacking. But I had those symptoms for several long days. Of course, I was half dead when I my dh FORCED me to go to the ER. But still...

Sarah, I agree with the others, but I don't want to talk you out of your belief. I kind of wish that I always had thought that any given day was that big of a deal. I probably would have been much more conscientious. But I don't want you to be crazy worried about it either.

Today there is a post at DiabetesMine addressing how long we Type 1’s can live without insulin. There is no proven answer, so read it and draw your own conclusions. The endo from the Yale Diabetes Center answers the question this way:

“I will see that in someone with 0% insulin production, they’ll begin to fall ill within 12-24 hours after last insulin injection, depending on its duration of effect. Within 24-48 hours they’ll be in DKA. Beyond that, mortal outcomes would likely occur within days to perhaps a week or two. But I could not see someone surviving much longer than that.”

The link to the article is:…

How charming that everyone in this thread gets to be right!

i mean seriously! I talked to my nurse about it on Wednesday. Even that day, because I was going to start my pump and didn't take my AM basal dose, by the time I started the pump (3 hours from when I should have taken my AM basal dose) my blood sugars had climbed to 230 and going higher. She told me DKA can happen very quickly, within hours! OF COURSE it can..NO not days! If i had gone to bed at a very high number, unable to get it down, and HAD NO BASAL for 24 hours I probably would have been very very sick, may have ended up in ER. WHO KNOWS. I paniced, i took care of it and got through it. People are fooling themselves if they think they know how long it takes for them to go DKA with NO INSULIN ON BOARD. And, if you've ever been DKA, you'd be scared too. It's a YMMV, it depends on how much insuin we have in our systems, if any, how much insulin we're still producing, many, many factors. Also, I never let my blood sugars get over 130, tight control, anything near high, unfortunately, i feel it. pros and cons i suppose to tight control.