Help! I injected Levemir more than my usual dosage?

Hi, I’m currently using Levemir and I normally inject a dosage of 28. Long story short,
However, I woke up this morning with a hypoglycemic and realized I inject my self a dosage of 46.
So I lower my Novo Rapid shot for breakfast, and I’m feeling better now, but has anyone ever have the same experience?
Because it happens… You forget if you already took a shot or taken one too many, if so any suggestions?
Anything I should be worry about?

I'm not sure, I never had Levemir as I went from NPH to pumping but I'd guess that test and eat would the the RX?

How are you doing Paeng?

Better to screw up with Levemir than one of your rapid acting insulins. Keep checking your blood glucose levels, and make sure to have plenty of fast acting carbs on hand if you need a boost. I know for me when I was still on MDI, I made sure to IMMEDIATELY log my bg level and what I took. I just made that a habit for exactly that reaso...oh crud did I take it or not. Maybe that might help in the future.

Hope you're doing ok. Smart to have lowered your bolus.

I once thought I took Apidra instead of my night dose of Levemir. That was a heart racing experience. I had to increase BG to over 300 quickly to counter 5 units of Apidra. I ate so much glucose that I felt ill. Well, turned out I did take Levemir as I watched BG steadily climb higher (was testing every 15-20 minutes). Got no sleep as I tried to bring down the self-induced high.


there is actually a new NovoPen out there that shows you how long ago you took your last shot. Got it recently from my doc, I am using Levemir too. It is called NovoPen Echo, at least in Germany. Might be an option worth checking out.