Help to find a cure!

Hi Everyone,

This weekend I will be riding in the Tour de Cure to help find a cure for diabetes. I know times are tough but every donation helps no matter how big or small. Plus it’s all tax deductible! I’ve had diabetes for over 15 years now and hopefully we won’t have to live with it for the rest of our lives! YOU can help, go to: and search my last name, Campana, to donate. Let me know if you have any trouble.

Thanks again,

Hey this is cool, thank you. My mom died this last September from Type 1 Diabetes complications–a massive heart attack killed her,she had two toes removed and congested heat failure—this all started 2 years prior with her first heart attack…mom was only 59 when she died…I’m still very heart broken over this…I have type 2 and have just started on Lantus…I’d love to get involved with helping to find a cure, for my mom’s sake and for my 2 children. May God bless you!!

Hi Kelly,

Feel free to help by donating to the cause or even look for an event in your area. You can sign up for many different rides or at least volunteer!


Thanks! I sure will do something for sure!! Blessings to you!

Mike which Tour de Cure ride are you doing? Where? I am doing the Tour de Cure in Reston VA., this will be my first century since High School. Really looking forward to it-Good luck on your ride.

Thanks Dave! I’m doing the ride in NE Ohio. It’s on Sunday. Good luck to you as well!!!


Well you are doing a great job all the best for it, well i have seen many natural remedies to cure Diabetes in a herbal site i will also inform my friends to co-operate with you in your cause.