Help ! Water Park Guidelines Needed

My 15 year old son is going on a 4 day band trip. One of the days will be spent at a water park. We have read that it is best to disconnect because the pump could easily fall off on water slides,etc. I’ve read in the pump manual that you can disconnect for an hour at a time. Patrick will be at the park for five hours. If he reconnects every hour, how long should he leave it on before going back in the water? He will be checking his blood sugar every hour (I hope!!!) If it is normal can he wait another hour before reconnecting? Any guidelines or suggestions would be helpful? Thanks, Traci

If he’s going to be checking his bg every hr - 2 hrs at the latest, then I would think that if his bg is in range then he can stay disconnected as long as he keeps checking. I mean, regularly he’d need that basal but if he’s active at the water park then he might be ok. I do suggest him connecting when he’s not active, like when he eats or laying in the sun, etc. Of course if he checks and his bg is high, then he’ll need to bolus and keep a close watch. I would think that his bg should be decent because of being active, but if his bg is over 240 before he starts sliding, it may work the other way or stay at that range. Testing often is key. :wink:

Thank you, Traicy. Hearing from other people not only helps with ideas, but it also helps to calm some of my fears.

i think five hours is too long to go without any insulin, basal or bolus. seing as how the ping is waterproof its should be alright to wear it. or switch to injections that day, but if he is going to disconnect from it i would never feel comfortable with 5 hours without insulin, it would not feel very good! (no way to enjoy a vacation)

you should never assume that exercise removes the need for insulin, even tho it may reduce it. also i would ultimately suggest talking to your doctor, and making sure that his dosage needs are calculated properly for every disconnect.
also i have had success wearing my pump in a pocket or next to my skin with athletic shorts… i hope this helps…