Pumping at a waterpark

Hi all, I know this topic has been discussed before, but I'm going to post it again anyway...Taking my kids to the waterpark this summer and I'm not sure what to do with my pump. In the past for the pool, I've just disconnected for an hour then check, bolus, etc. But this is a large park, too far to walk back and forth every hour, not to mention the fact that I don't want to make my kids have a "time out" from the fun every hour. I'm also using the CGM (MM)and I'm reluctant to lose those numbers because I'm sometimes not aware of hypos until too late. So, disconnecting is not an option. I don't plan to be submerged in the water but most likely heavily splashed, so what options do you guys suggest for waterproofing? MP3 cases, phone cases, sandwich bag and duct tape :), (just kidding). I hear the MM sport cases don't work to well. If anybody has experience with this I'd love to hear about it.


Try the Dry Pak if using it for the D supplies not the pump. I bought two of these last year and loved them. We were at a waterpark and the attendants had them around their necks. I knew I had to get one. My daughter's supplies were sitting on a chair in another section from where the slides were and while on line to ride a slide im quietly having a panic attack as I didn't like the idea that none of our stuff was on us. When I got home from the park ordered one right away. I think I got it on ebay. It is 5 x 8 and fits a very small bs meter,strips, lancing device, candy and glucagon. It has a strap to go around the neck. It doesn't sink but will float on top of the water while on your neck. The waterslides were great and had no problem at all. I did however put a small baggie over the monitor & strips "Just in Case". I do disconnect my daughter as its only a few hours out of the day and we only go not even a handful of times during the summer.

Ok, so I found a lot of other folks have posted about the spibelt and how wonderful it is, so I just ordered a "water resistant" one. Anyone used it before? I checked out the aquapac - my goodness it was pricey. Looks like it would do the job though. I'm going to do some home testing before I trust the spibelt with my pump but I'm hopeful...